Cinqo de Tahoe de Wabos!

May 10, 2015 by sammyhagar
Cinqo de Tahoe de Wabos!
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The pics say it all. I lost my voice early on like the beginning of the show ha ha. Not funny. The Redheads saved me again. The show actually was unbelievable – one of my favorites ever because of the fans and the Wabos lifetime dedication and commitment to the party and the music. I'm extremely happy with tonight's show even though it may be in the top three of my worst vocal abilities ever but I must say there were some magical moments that were in the top three best ever as well!!! Love love love them Redheads. Thank you Aaron Hagar thank you Andre Thierry, David, Vic and Mona for sucking it up with me and laying it down 110%.

Because that's what we do thank you. At your service.


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Cinqo de Tahoe de Wabos!
Cinqo de Tahoe de Wabos!
Cinqo de Tahoe de Wabos!

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durge71's picture

Sammy it was an honor on Saturday night when you joined us fans in the risers and you allowed me to briefly sing some of Personal Jesus with you. It's the highlight of the 18 shows I've been to.I was 4 weeks of the operating table from receiving a kidney transplant and wasn't quite sure how I would hold up.Singing Personal Jesus had special meaning. Thanks for an experience I'll never forget. I just wish I had a picture of it. I was lucky enough to have the gal next to me snap a pic of you and I next to each other seconds before you put the mic up to my face. You are a class act. Can't wait til next May!

Iowa-Doug's picture

1st time at a Tahoe show, (Saturday NIght)so glad we made the trip ... Even if it was just for One Night.Have been to many, many Sammy shows, solo , VH, Wabos, Chickenfoot, The Circle... But THe Wabos ARe and Always will be my favorite shows. Sammy PLEASE do MORE shows with Bro, Mona and Vic... I think Many fans would Love to see a Tour with Sammy Hagar and the Wabos... Please bring it to US!!!

brendaSTL's picture

Loved BOTH shows!Friday on stage-'nuff said! Even with Sammy's voice Sat.was a really awesome show. This was my 5th time in Tahoe and I always look forward to it!
Thank you Sammy. And a BIG thank you to Aaron. Super sweet of you Sunday at the Lucky Beaver that nite.

sriley007's picture

This was my 5th year at Cinco de Tahoe and 1st time I went to both shows and I am glad I did. There were no ballads Friday night, it was "Balls Out" from start to finish. The show Saturday was different but just as great, had too much fun to notice voice issues.Even got a picture with Aaron and Vic, and high fived Sammy both shows. Thank you Sammy and the Wabos for a great weekend once again.Redhead for life!

nascardeb's picture

The Redrocker, never ever disappoints! Love you, all of your band members and Aaron, to the moon and back! Thank you!

aznyredhead's picture

Great shows...sure Saturday your voice gave out but I will say it is going to be one of the more memorable shows I've ever seen. It was what being a redhead is all about. We met the best people and even turned two friends who came for the first time into Redheads. Your can't understand why we all keep coming back until you experience it "ALL" for yourself. And Sammy and his Ex should pat themselves on the back for his son is truly a nice guy - I know he has fans in his own right for his great artwork and his garage. You feel like your talking to an old friend when he chats with you. It was great seeing him get such a warm reception it truly speaks to his character.
Sammy knows how to make each one of us feel special while also being a part of one big happy family. Thanks Sammy and Redheads for a great weekend.

SandyAlmansa's picture

Sammy, Truly EPIC Tahoe shows, seriously special. Special props to Aaron, who obviously loved being on stage with his Dad. Thanks for giving it all for the fans once again. PS Thanks also for signing my red purse. YOU ROCK!

SandyAlmansa's picture

Sammy, Truly EPIC Tahoe shows, seriously special. Special props to Aaron, who obviously loved being on stage with his Dad. Thanks for giving it all for the fans once again. PS Thanks also for signing my red purse. YOU ROCK!

fitness4fn's picture

Sammy: We had an awesome weekend celebrating our anniversary! You made this an unforgettable weekend. Cabo Here we come!!


charliepascoe's picture

That was really special. Never seen Sammy so relaxed, and really enjoy himself. Yeah, the second night your voice was a little shot, but the band, and your son Andrew filled in, and made it that more special. After seeing you more than fifty times, you seem to get better with age. Absolutely amazing...a real treat! Thank you!

Doug Lawrence's picture

Was right up front for Saturday nights show. Sammy, vic, mona and dave put on a hell of a show, like always. Sammy shook my hand and signed my picture I brought. Had goose bumps for hours after that show, love you Sammy, rock on brother

Soreloserruss's picture

Best shows ever! Even without the monitors for us bleacher bums the first night you still sounded great!

hagarlvr's picture

Thank you Sammy and the WABORITAS for another awesome weekend and my beautiful redhead friends. You all mean so much to me. My second family. Sammy I just absolutely loved the accordeon songs. My sister played years ago and it brought back some memories. That kid can play Beautifully, Awesome addition to the show. Thanks Aaron for your stories and hospitality at your shop, I could sit and listen to you for hours. Hey, maybe you could arrange that....story time with Hey I would pay for that. ;0). Until next time. Crystal Sanders Los Banos, ca.

outlaw's picture

The show was great... You put it all out there for us! With 40 years of laying down the sound track we have used to frame the moments in our lives, you are bound to blow a gasket once in a while and us Redheads got your back. You're right it was a special night. We all felt it. The Tahoe shows always rock! Haven't missed a year yet!

Love you brother!!!

music69's picture

Sammy us Redheads just love partying with you. Both nights were awesome. Everyone I mean everyone was having so much fun singing and dancing. You gave so much and we feed into that engery you have. I wouldn't change a thing about this weekend. It was so memorable and special. We love our Red Rocker! ~Ang