Chickenfoot FB Live, Rock & Roll Road Trip, Top Rock Countdown and Circle shows!

March 11, 2017 by sammyhagar
Chickenfoot FB Live, Rock & Roll Road Trip, Top Rock Countdown and Circle shows!
Joe, Sammy and Mikey (on facetime) for Chickenfoot Live Q&A
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I must say I really enjoyed myself hanging out with Joe and Mikey on the phone for our Facebook live chat yesterday at El Paseo. I think anyone that watched us knows that wasn't rehearsed and scripted and probably unfit for commercial TV – ha ha! 

I just listened to the new Chickenfoot BEST+LIVE CD head to toe and wow, that band is good! After not hearing the songs – especially the live concert – in a long time, it  sure took me back to some fun times.  Seems like yesterday, but looking at the dates it wasn't.. ouch!!!

Time sure flies, don't it?

I'm also so excited about the new Season 2 of Rock & Roll Road Trip, I got some of the best interviews I've ever done in my life! The people I interviewed for season two - John Mellancamp, Don Felder, Rick Nielsen – people I've barely knew now have become dear friends. It's amazing what just sitting and chatting for a few hours with someone outside of our celebrity lifestyle can do. I'm loving it.

And keep an eye out for the weekend of May 25/26 on my Top Rock Countdown radio show. I'm doing a special on Van Halen called the "Best of Both Worlds/The Ultimate VH Set List" where I am basically answering all those fans that want to see a reunion. If there ever were to be a reunion, you will hear what I think it should be!!!!!

Love me some Redheads – got some Circle shows coming up in June and the best lineup for the 4th Annual Acoustic-4-A-Cure yet.

PS: no Cinco de Mayo in Tahoe this year, we're just doing the outdoor summer concert series

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Chickenfoot FB Live, Rock & Roll Road Trip, Top Rock Countdown and Circle shows!
Chickenfoot FB Live, Rock & Roll Road Trip, Top Rock Countdown and Circle shows!
Chickenfoot FB Live, Rock & Roll Road Trip, Top Rock Countdown and Circle shows!

 10 Redhead Comments

durge71's picture

Has anyone heard if there will be a pre-sale on the acoustic 4 a Cure Concert on May 15th. I saw on a different Web page that tickets go on sale Friday March 31st, to the general public. I don't even see it listed on rhetoric "Events" page. If anyone has any info, please sharemail what you know. See you there!!!

Foozie's picture

How do we get tickets for Acoustic 4 A Cure on May 15?

outlaw's picture

Redheads Rule!

I'm booked for the Saturday the 6th... bringing the boys... Cabo here we come!

not2awnry's picture

Hey Outlaw . there will be REDHEADS in the House in Tahoe !! Cinco De Tahoe

brendaSTL's picture

Well said girl!

outlaw's picture

Damn Sammy, Just read this about no Cinco De Tahoe... I know you got your reasons but that's a rough one to hear man. I haven't missed a year yet... super bummed brother.

F-it! I'm going up anyway. I'll be at Cabo on the 6th doing a shot or two or three in your honor. A tribute to you brother for all the years you made the trip and left it all on stage for us Redheads.

Any other Redheads that want to meet up let your voice be heard. Sammy may be tied up but doesn't mean we can't keep the party going and salute the Red Rocker!

Cinco De Tahoe for me is still on... Even if I'm the only one in that bar come May 6th I will keep the torch lit for us all!!

Thanks again Sammy for keeping it going all these years.. hope you can bring it back next year!

Christ F.

music69's picture

Funny stuff you guys thanks for the good laughs and sharing the link for all of us to watch. I just can't believe I missed the live shot with you guys that's my luck!! I'll keep on tryin oh yeah I still need a photo with you too lol Absolutely love BEST + LIVE so so good!! We've been playin it nonstop!! So many Great memories we want more but if Tahoe in 2016 was the last well that was one of the greatest times we ever had with Chickenfoot!! Really Looking forward to your John Mellencamp episode how awesome this interview turned into a friendship!! PS we're gonna miss you this May we have had some of the greatest memories in Tahoe that we'll always treasure. Thank you for them!! Just happy there is shows on the list we can be at even though they're not spread out for us. June is gonna be a rockin month with The Circle!! I'll just say that June will be our Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar haha Some people don't get what we do but we get it that's all that matters!! We love everything you do we're having a BLAST thank you for the good times to last a life time!! We love us some Sammy ❤✌️

flutterby2012's picture

I thoroughly enjoyed this LIVE FB. It's better when it's unrehearsed and real! It adds to the spontaneity and lets us in on how it REALLY is behind the scenes. Keep doing these Sammy. Your REDhEADs LOVE it!!! Hoping to get into the Acoustic 4 A Cure this year and El Paseo for some amazing food. Im a former Bay Area girl. I worked at 98.5 KOME for years. These shows began after I moved north, so Im pretty excited about the possible opportunity. THanks so much for sharing your world with us!!! LOVE your new album "This Is Sammy Hagar" and all the stories about the songs you have posted. Excited to get the new Chickenfoot CD as well. You did a great job of promoting it with this LIVE session. You truly LOVE your REDHEAD fans, and WE thank you!!!