Chickenfoot and a Helping Hand (or Foot)

November 03, 2011 by sammyhagar
Chickenfoot and a Helping Hand (or Foot)
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Hey Redheads!

What an amazing opening 2 nights to the Foot's Road Test shows in SF and LA! I was so pumped to kick off the Road Test Tour in my home town and the crowd did not disappoint! The energy in the room was overflowing and Joe even blew up his amp! Keep those pictures and videos coming - I love to see how the shows look on your end and all of you guys partying it up! Click here to see the Facebook Gallery for the Road Test 2011.

I wanted to make sure that you have all seen the letters/stories coming in from fellow Foot Soldiers in need over on CHICKENFOOT.US in response to our song "Three And a Half Letters (I Need A Job)". Going into the holiday season I encourage you all to help however you can in your local community. Chickenfoot is partnering with Feeding America ( as a great option to help people with the most basic need of having enough food to eat. I'm also leading by example and am donating all of my personal proceeds from the US Chickenfoot Road Test Dates to local chapters. People are doing amazing and inspiring work all across the country and with winter coming up it's a great time to help out.

Don't forget to check us out on Jimmy Kimmell tonight and I'm also dropping into VH1’S “Big Morning Buzz Live’ With Host Carrie Keagan on Monday morning!

Thanks for helping to make me one of the luckiest guys in the world.



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Chickenfoot and a Helping Hand (or Foot)
San Francisco Food Bank

 12 Redhead Comments

burnerbob's picture

Hey Sammy!!!! Just a Question here from Canada, Not sure if your thinking of coming up here to tour with the Foot or the Wabos but was wondering if you are or if your doing Moodance in MN next year?

Winnipeg Manitoba, aka Winterpeg!! BRRRRR


DaED's picture

Sammy, thank you and the band for your efforts in helping to feed those in need. I lost my job in March and haven't been able to find another. It's torn my family apart. If it had not been for the kindness of people to provide food there would have been times our family would have gone without food.

tonyc1257's picture

Sammy, I have a favor to ask you. My wife and I are great fans, we have seen you several times. The 'chickenfoot' pendant that you are wearing on the book cover, Where can I buy that ? I would like to get it for my wife for Christmas. Please reply to this blog. Thanks.-----Tony Choy, Palmerton, Pa.

caboaaron's picture

First I want to say Thank You so much for all that you do! The world needs more Sammy's ... Period! Also, I am proud to say that I took my Fiance to the Warfield show (it was her first Sammy/CF show ever) and she now understands what it means to be a Redhead! She is now a huge fan! Thank you again for helping the less fortunate. We cant wait to see you guys again!!

bestrockergirl316's picture

What a generous gesture on your part to help others; I'm not surprised though...after reading your book and listening to the lyrics of this song, I think most of us can agree that you have a kind heart. See you in NYC -- I hope I get close enough to make eye contact with you (again) xoxoxo "the girl with the same curly hair as you" :-)

Def Norske's picture

I got one word fer ya Sammy...Pure F***!n' Class, Bro. Mankind could use a few hundRED more like ya. Love yer shit!!

cathyleighs014's picture

Congrats on your weight loss Sammy!!! You looked lean and mean ready to Rock! Healthy and Fit! looking forward to Jimmy Kimmel tonight!

Redlover's picture

Sammy, you're such a class act! Love ya!!!!!♥

Thanks for such an awesome first show in your back yard at The Warfield! Never been there before but I totally loved it! JoJo can blow up all the amps he wants there, anytime, as long as I can come and witness it! LOL! Kenny ACED those tunes, although we DO miss Chadley!!!! My videos from this first show are focused mostly on Mikey cause I wanna see if I'm playing my bass right on some of those songs...and doggone it...I AM!!!! LMAO!
Your energy keeps me young Sammy!!! Much Love to you and all those around you! ♥


jeremy.haymore's picture

Thanks for a great show! It was amazing! I also enjoyed meeting you in march on the red book tour. Thanks for helping others. I hope the red heads and foot soldiers. Follow your example. We love you Sammy.

RIRedrocker's picture

FANTASTIC!! I can't wait to see the FOOT in NY next Tuesday the 8th!! Thanks for all you do Sammy!!! ♥

johnnybeane's picture

Great show in SF!
I just happened to film when Joe blew his amp!
Posted video to youtube.

Thanks for everything u do Sammy and have a great rest of the tour!


Mykl J's picture

Thanks for helping others're an inspiration to all