Checking in ...

March 21, 2020 by sammyhagar
Checking in ...

The sooner we follow the guidelines, the sooner we can get back to what we do - ROCK ’N’ ROLL! Please take this seriously. #CoronaVirus #ByTheRules #StaySafe #14DayLockDown


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So it's June ur Bday Bash in Cabo still cancelled? Can't find any info. Not going to continue to LIVE in FEAR! Ready to ROCK brotha!

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Great video and great advice. Love you Sammy!


Love the "Lockdown Sessions"
There wicked awesome.
Cant wait to see you again on your tour!

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Sammie - I would like to meet you. You are my distant cousin! I run a Homeless Shelter in Troy NY. Stay well!

Patty Hagar

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Greetings from Lockdownville,

I was looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix in September with Whitesnake and Night Ranger. I saw that Whitesnake canceled all dates, and I'm wondering if you know yet whether you're keeping tour dates for later in the year.
I haven't bought tickets yet, and with all the unknowns right now I'm not sure if I should.

What would Sammy do?


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Continue recording these lockdown videos with The Circle. And when this whole thing is over, put out an album and a DVD entitled LOCKDOWN. I think this is an excellent way to partially return to a less-than-normal world.

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Can't wait till life is the adventure it should be!!! Never too old right !!??!
Stagnancy sucks

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Stay safe and hope this is over soon. Everyone just crank up:
Turn Up The Music (one of your best!) Can't wait to see The Circle this September. Skipping a few days of bow hunting to rock and roll.

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Stay safe and hope this is over soon. Everyone just crank up:
Turn Up The Music (one of your best!) Can't wait to see The Circle this September. Skipping a few days of bow hunting to rock and roll.

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Damn Straight Sammy and Hi from Down under

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Right on as usual Sammy! As a public servant and long time Redhead/Birthday Bash Fan, we all have to take this seriously and convince our youngsters out there partying on the beaches, to take to the netwaves instead. Maybe when you're up to it, you and the guys can throw an on-line concert to help keep us sane or at least rock'in. Just check'in in to make sure you were OK. Keep the Music com'in.
Lar in San Clemente

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I agree lets all follow the in home isolation rules and slow the virus down I am a redhead for over 40 years Sammy has played when advised not to (when had very strong winds in an outdoor show) Norfolk Ne.
he has played when sore throat (sick) I lost my job after 22 years due to this virus all that is getting me through this stuff is music
Chickenfoot I need a job is great now hits home
our health is precious not our jobs
Rock on people

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I sure hope things get better soon! After being a REDHEAD for almost 40 years now, seeing you in concert with and without Val Halen quite a few times, I was so sad when I had to pass on Birthday Bash tickets! However, I do have 2nd row (with no one in front of us) to Aug 8th concert in Cincinnati!!!!! I could not believe I got such great seats, especially lol since I was at school with my class, saying "no you cannot play a school game yet on my computer I gotta get Sammy tickets!" And now this! WTF!!! let's pray all goes back to some sort of normal and we can rock on! Take care of you and yours, stay safe and healthy! pEaCe, t

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Thanks for the encouraging words and advice. I have been working from home since last Thursday when my daughter woke up with a fever. She is getting better and her doctor thinks it is a flu and not the virus. She works in a library and actually has been off for a couple of weeks now. This is definitely dangerous and we all have to do our part so that we come out on the other side healthy, happy, thankful, and full of joy (like what you have!!). One nice thing for me is that I am working in the room with my small guitar collection, so when I feel I need a break I can grab one and start strumming.

Stay healthy and take care of your wonderful family. I hope to be able to make the show in Pittsburgh in August. I am sure I speak for all of the Redheads out there that you and the band and everyone stays healthy.

Also, we all need to stay connected during this time. I am a part of a local guitar meet-up group that had an on-line get together last week and are going to try on-line open mic this week. Just because we are keeping apart doesn't mean that we have to disconnect.

I was glad that you liked the "little guitars".

Take care and keep on rockin'!!

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Sammy!!! Thank you so much for your encouraging message. It is so refreshing to hear this from you. I'm going crazy at home but watching your video's and listening to your music is helping me get through this. "Tropic of Capricorn" takes me away from all this insanity. Can't stop watching it. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sammy!!!