Check out the "Poundcake" release from 'The Circle: At Your Service'!

March 30, 2015 by sammyhagar
Check out the "Poundcake" release from 'The Circle: At Your Service'!
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Redheads, This new live Circle album has got me so excited – I think it's so cool that a new band can put out their first album as a live greatest hits record!

It's funny, but I think it says it all about what this band is all about and what it stands for. When you listen to the live version of a song like Poundcake you can hear that we are serving the music as well as it's ever been served. I’m super proud of this band – Jason, Mikey and Vic, every one of us has risen to the occasion and elevated our talents through inspiration from each other's playing.

It's a magical chemistry and the Circle has brought my musical career all the way around from the beginning to the end. This is what rock has always been about for me.

Listen to "Poundcake" on soundcloud below, and don't forget to follow!

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Check out the "Poundcake" release from 'The Circle: At Your Service'!

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Jakemaleit's picture

I was in LA for work this week and went to the Jimmy Kimmel Van Halen show. I'd never seen them with Dave - I can cross that off now. Thank God it was a free show. I was surrounded by Sammy haters preaching about the "real" Van Halen. Then they came out, Dave's voice was shit. He sang about every 3rd lyric (that's being generous) and the crowd ate it up. What's wrong with facing reality people? On one hand there was a kickass band in the 70's and early 80's that doesn't exist anymore. On the other hand, there's a kickass band from the late 80's and 90's that could exist again. Here's to hoping we get to see it!! Cheers Redheads!

music69's picture

Amazing!! You guys sound awesome!! Super excited for The Circle you guys ROCK! Can't wait to get this album, it will bring back so many memories Rockin out with you in 2014. At Rock Park, Empire Fest, Artpark, and Vegas. What a blast 2014 was!!! ~Ang

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All I can say is WOW!! I cant wait to hear the rest of this album.