Catching the LaFerrari!

August 20, 2015 by sammyhagar
Catching the LaFerrari!
Photo Credit: Chris Sentovich

The car looked better than I ever imagined when I saw it. My anticipation to drive it was driving me crazy #ThreeLockbox HaHa. When I finally took possession of the car today after all the red tape involved in a special car like this, Kari and I put 100 miles on it. 

And what a crazy fun hundred miles it was!!! The car is much faster than I ever imagined. It sounds like a monster of some kind. It gets way more attention than I want (daaah!). I'm getting used to it slowly before I really try to push I push it to my limit, which is way below the car's limit I'm sure of that after today! I feel really special getting in and out of that car I just want to look at it sometimes. I'm very close to being speechless.  After chasing that Ferrari for a year finally taking possession, I'm humbled.

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Check out the feature from ABC News 7 from the 8/19 Evening news!


KNOW & TELL: Here is another reason Sammy Hagar can’t drive 55! The legendary rocker just got the keys to his $1.3 million limited edition Ferrari in Mill Valley.

Posted by ABC7 News on Thursday, August 20, 2015$13-million-custom-ferrari/948731/

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 4  Redhead Comments

RaceRock105's picture

Insane car, Sammy rocks and deserves these finer things im life for giving so many people the tools to enjoy life because of his music, and plain outright coolness, making us all feel part of his life and all his shows. We all feel Sammy is part of our family. One great family of RedHeads with Sammy Hagar the Redocker as our leader.°*<[8o) I trade my originál 64 Hendix V for the car. :-) No Sam can use it anytime if he wants. For a ride, LOL not kidding, Sammy Rocks

theartist's picture

Congrat's Sammy she's a beauty!!!! No stereo? lol

redheadjones's picture

Wow! Lucky Dog! Any plan for custom "RED" racing-pinstripes?

Deb Fowler's picture

So Awesome!!! You look like a kid on Christmas morning. Congratulations and enjoy but be careful in that beast.