Cabo Wabo Cantina Clean-up

October 05, 2014 by sammyhagar
Cabo Wabo Cantina Clean-up
Cabo Wabo Cantina is back in action!

For over 25 years our staff has been the greatest. Most of them have been there from the beginning. When I saw this picture today it brought tears to my eyes. Everyone of those people cleaned, scrubbed, mopped, and shoveled mud and dirt from the Cantina -- it looks brand-new!

There are very few tourist in Cabo but our proud Dedicated employees have rolled up their sleeves and prepared the Cantina for The Cabo revival!!!!! I love the soul of the people of Los Cabos.





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colleenh093's picture

Such a beautiful place but even more beautiful are the people. Someday I will be lucky enough to go back. Blessings to you all.

Cabo Rob's picture

Happy Birthday Sammy! Please see the joy on everyones faces this week in Vegas and know that its possible to do that in Cabo as well for 2015. I've said it for years dude, have the Bash on the Beach in Cabo so everyone gets to Rock! The Cantina nights can still happen and the crowds will still be the same but the opportunities to see you by the Redheads that are blood brothers and sisters feel like they are few and far between anymore. Glad Cabo is coming back strong and can't wait to get there in 2015 for the Bash.

Cabo Rob

Cabo Rob's picture

Sup Brando,

Cabo Rob from Carolina here. Miss all of my brothers and sisters this year. We had to transfer to Mazatlan. Nice but not Cabo. We'll be FDIC next year bro. Peace

Rob Cox

urodoc's picture

Awesome! Viva la gente de Cabo! Cant wait to be back. Will see you in Vegas this weekend!!!'s picture

We love Cabo. We visit our home away from home often at the Villa del Arco. We will be back in March 2015. Anxious to thank all of the hardworking people of Cabo for their dedication to rebuilding the area.

Special thanks to the crew that restored the Cabo Wabo Cantina. It's good to know our favorite watering hole will be ready for us!

Jackie Glover's picture

Our Flight was cancelled...Can't get down until Nov 8th!
Hope there's something left to drink!!!

no55brando's picture

get yalls asses to cabo..... 2 for 1 all day, all night, all drinks...... at the cantina...

music69's picture

Wow this make me want to visit Cabo even more to meet all these wonderful people. This would of been my husband and I first year to visit and be part of the bday bash. We will still keep Cabo in our prayers and we will be there next year no matter if we get tickets or not. Can't wait to experience what everyone talks about in Cabo! For now we will see u in Vegas!

Cabowbo's picture

Good to see all the familiar faces and everyone looks well!!! Can't wait to come back to my second home. CUN Cabo

tonya005's picture

My favorite place in the world!!! See u again, love cabo!!!!