Cabo Update

September 18, 2014 by sammyhagar
Cabo Update

Hold tight Redheads - I'm waiting for the dust to settle down in Cabo.

The military and government are in charge right now & once the town is a little more stable I will figure out what to do to help. I want to thank all of you fans for your ideas and willingness to give and the best thing to do is just wait for now. Many of my friends, partners. and employees that are in Cabo are doing all they can at the Cantina to help people.  

In the meantime, I'm working on a place that can handle a gathering on short notice for Redheads who can't be in Cabo. One big bash somewhere - I hate sitting home on my birthday.

Thank you and stay tuned.


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i just received confirmation for birthday bash night 1 in cabo? My credit card was charged in july,but i never received an e mail until today. I am not sure what is going on?

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hes definitely going to vegas on oct 18th

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Hey Redheads. Just got an email from Expedia regarding my flights to Cabo which were booked for Oct 7. They said due to the conditions the Airport (SJD) will be closed until at least Oct 8th. So hopefully everyone here can get refunds on their flights! I was with Alaska and they refunded no problem.

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I just got a FULL refund today on six tickets from US airways no question asked!! So for now waiting for Sammy's announcement so we can book a new flight. Sammy u have all of us hitting refresh on ur page all day and night! Lol.. But we all know this isn't a easy process and were still holding tight!!

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I went to Mazatlan last year and it is still a great place. I used to live there back in the 89 and it is nothing like then, but still some great places, etc. Just not many tourists anymore at all.

BTW, you can get a great Mexico fix here south of San Diego in Rosarito Beach. I have a house there and absolutely love the area!

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My heart and prayers go out to all in Cabo. I went through Katrina nine years ago. I feel your pain. Ive been going to Cabo for 23 years now. It's my paradise. I know many people and have many friends there.

The has business opening info on its blog page. Several restaurants are open now with many more in the coming week. Amazing. It's only been 10 days.

The biggest challenge (as in N.O.) will be getting the tourists to return. I will be going down on 10/25 to P.G. for two weeks. I want to spend a couple days volunteering. I also want to spend money on restaurants, shops, fishing, and bars. Trust me, this is what they need most right now.

The most spectacular thing I have ever witnessed was the Saints return to the superdome vs Atlanta. It was electric. It was bigger than any Superbowl. It was awe-inspiring and the biggest morale booster for the city.

Just imagine if Sammy were to get together a few of his talented friends and did an outdoor benefit concert in Cabo. Maybe it could be on the soccer fields coming into town or some other large venue. The people working 20+ hours a day with little food or water would NEVER forget it. What a way to say we care, and let them get their minds off of their troubles for a couple hours. Just a thought.

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Well, said.

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Well I guess there will be no Cabo for Jackie & I this October after all. Just received confirmation that ALL Us Air flights have now been cancelled thru October 17th at this time and may extend out even longer. Guess we'll check Mazatlan for a Mexico fix this fall. See you all in May, or next October FDIC ! Anybody been to Mazatlan recently and if so any tips/pointers on the place ? Thanks, Todd & Jackie from AZ.

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The bash WILL NOT happen in Cabo. The show(s) will be in Vegas just waiting on the details.

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I agree, need to know if its Vegas or Cabo!!!

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It appears there is a lot of confusion going on. I came across a post on Sammy's fb page that said US Airways has said not flying to Cabo until after October 17th. There was also a post that showed the Bash was going to be a one show event in Las Vegas on October 18th, but nothing has been posted officially by Sammy.

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glad your safe sam I am ,,cacha later gator ..

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I'm so confused. Some of the hotels in Cabo are starting to take peoples reservations as of October 1st. Our airline US Airways is flying as of October 1st into SJD. The Bisbee tournament has not been cancelled as of their website and Carnival cruise lines are waiting and thinking they'd start in early October too! I also heard Walmart is now open and same with Soriana. What and who do we believe? How can we help when we really don't know what's going on.

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Can you please make an announcement on what the "plans" are? we are down to 3 weeks to make arrangements for travel and hotel. That's "IF" Vegas is a go.... :-)

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All our thoughts and prayers going out to the people of Cabo. Having been through Hurricane Sandy here in NJ, I know it will take time, but Cabo will rise and be stonger than before. Sammy and the Redheads will do all they can to help. As for the bash, it is so hard to get picked for tickets in the lottery. Please, please please as one of the options, honor the tickets for next year in Cabo.

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Let me start by saying all the people of the Los Cabos area are in my thoughts. Special thoughts are with those who work at the Cabo Wabo Cantina in CSL. These employees, some that have been there since I first visited 17 years ago have welcomed us in to there home with open arms and treated us all like family. Now are family is going to need our (all Redheads) help. How, where, and when has yet to be determined. I have to believe that Sammy, Marco, and Jorge are assessing the totality of the damages to CSL and The Cantina, as well as to the employees and their families. When all the information is gathered I am sure we as friends and fans will be informed of the best way we can assist everyone in Cabo, especially the employees and the families of Cabo Wabo Cantina. I am sure a lot of possibilities are being considered, but this takes time and patience. All of us need to keep in mind these are peoples lives, families, and futures we are talking about. Let's let Sammy and his team take everything in and decide the best way to go about assisting our extended family in CSL.

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How do we get the refund for the Cabo shows?

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Sammy, We know where your heart, mind and soul is in the right place. We stand by you & your decisions.

Love & Peace, L & L

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Hey Dream In RED
ADLN Amigos De Los Ninos Is That Charity Down In Cabo
Carla Stead Has Been Going Every October Since 2001
Working Hand In Hand With The Cabo Wabo Cantina
Raising Funds For Children Who Can't Afford Medical Help
To Be Able To Get Whatever Help They Need
With Events Like the Booze Cruise & Beach Party
This Year She's Heading Down To Help ADLN & Other Charities
Help Out The Families Most In Need Out In The Barrios
If You Would Like To Help Go To

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give it a break, most hotels are close for another month. Its not safe there.

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My brother and sister in law live in Cabo. The situation in Cabo is so dire that my sister in law and nephew fled Cabo. There isn't any electricity, water, food or running water. The stores are all looted and or damaged by the hurricane. The Mexican military is now there and the cities are under Martial Law. The power company has brought in many crews to restore power, but there is about 40 miles of broken power poles, this is going to take some time to restore the power. Without power, the banks, grocery stores, hotels, gas stations, and restaurants cannot operate. Most businesses have been destroyed! The airport is only taking people out of Cabo. The building is too damaged to take incoming passengers and process tourists. There are no lights on the runways so flights in and out are limited to day time hours. Roads along the baja peninsula have been damaged or washed out in some places making travel slow for trucks bringing supplies into Cabo! Most residents in Cabo have lost everything including their homes. Unless you are planning to help with Aid and Repairs, Cabo is not a tourist destination at this point. It's going to take some time for Cabo to receive tourists!

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Sammy - I'm understanding that there are still quite a few people planning to go down to Cabo. Word is cleanup/repair is in hyper drive and order has been restored. I imagine a guy with his own jet and unlimited resources could make a "surprise" trip down there for a couple of days (say, around the 13th?) and REALLY lift the spirits of an entire community with a couple of free shows. I know you want to do what's right for your family & fans, but I also know you want to help the great people of Cabo. What an amazing morale booster this could be! Knowing how smart you are, I have to imagine you're already considering it. Right Now, that's what Dreams are made of.....

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Let me start by saying my thoughts are with everyone vacationing and residing in the Los Cabos area. Hurricane Odile devastated this area and left many people that call Los Cabos home with nothing. My thoughts are especially with the Cabo Wabo Cantina Staff and their families. These are the people who have made us all feel at home and have treated us like family when visiting the cantina throughout the years. With this being said I am sure Sammy, Marco, and Jorge were looking forward to the birthday bash as they do every year, however we need to put things in perspective. People in Los Cabos have lost their clothes, vehicles, homes, and some have even lost hope. I am sure information is being gathered and carefully assessed at this time. I truly believe that Sammy, Marco, Jorge, and every team member of the Cabo Wabo Cantina are looking forward to a time in the future that we can all go enjoy the Cantina again, but for the time being every fan and friend needs to be patient and let this assessment take place. Information will be disseminated to all of us for the best ways to help our friends in Los Cabos and especially our extended family members at the Cabo Wabo Cantina. Patience will also assist us in ensuring that our assistance will be properly distributed to those who need it. Let's all give Sammy a chance to gather all information and I am sure at that time Sammy will come up with a plan for all of us to contribute in a way that will best help those in need.

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Everyone slow down, I have not seen anything official from Sammy about the 18th in Vegas.

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. Not making any plans till I see it on this site! Sammy needs a party on 10/13 and were his party!

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Sammy "hates sitting home on his birthday".....
That's 10/13... The Vegas gig is the 18th
me thinks there's gonna be a party before vegas?...

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Hey Sammy, Del mar Fairgrounds has a full stage and concert area set up and sitting empty awaiting November Horse Race season. Same stage you played on July 2013. And a block from the beach.. Weather in San Diego has been nice and warm all summer and still into fall. Just a thought!!

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Hey sammy.. Del mar Fairgrounds has a full stage and huge concert area set up, sitting empty till November Horse Race season. Same stage you played on last summer 2013. Weather has been nice and very warm in San Diego all summer and now into the fall.. just a thought!!

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Vegas Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You Sammy, this will be amazing!!!!

See everyone in Vegas

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Really surprised that the 18th of Oct in Vegas hasn't been posted here yet. Would like to make plans, get tix, etc....

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Yes, you gotta love the Flipboard app.

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In case you missed the earlier post below, it looks like it will be Las Vegas on the 18th!

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Not everyone can afford Hawaii. Vegas is affordable (if you don’t gamble), and there are lots of venues. The Mandalay Beach stage was made for Sammy!

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VEGAS Birthday Bash sounds fun!

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St. Louis fans love you sammy! How about st Louis ?'s picture

Hawaii is the emergency back out plan. Sambassador states the Castle Theater or benefit concert for Cabo on the beach in Maui, Hawaii. A Red Head party with Aaron hagar or Ka'au Crater Boys opening. PS Roseville show was great

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You may want to make sure travel is possible. As of right now its not.

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"the waiting is the hardest part" .. oh Thats Tom petty ...waiting waiting waiting .. how are we going to get Tix to this Vegas thingy its just all too confusing Sam !

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Sammy, we trust you. There are a lot of us who had tickets and a dream vacation we were so looking forward to. Then the hurricane. It was a punch in the gut to our plans. For many of us our first reactions were selfish. Quickly the reality of our narrow mindedness took over, we saw the suffering in Cabo and many of us now just want to help. Show us the way Sammy, and the Redheads will be there.

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Hello San Francisco!!!! Money to go to Cabo is a great idea!

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Glad I saw this! We will be in Maui that week! Ill go see Night Ranger!

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Sammy and the Cabo family!

Our hearts go out to all the people of Cabo San Lucas! There are many wonderful ideas going around. My suggestion would be to see if all the Red Heads that were attending the bday bash would be willing to leave those funds with Sammy?! I would like to help all the less fortunate children, and their families, recover and be able to obtain food and water and a place to stay. Some may also need medical assistance. Let's call it "Cabo's Kids". The fund could be set up locally and all the Red Head community could help out by not only donating but pitching in during their next trip to Cabo! I would like to donate some of my time state side to help get this up and running while also making a donation. Sammy, with your contacts it may be possible to establish a toll free number so people could start making donations. The children need us as well as their loved ones. Let's come together to show the world that there is still some good left in it! I welcome ALL of the Red Head family to start paying it forward.

Dream in Red!

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At this moment we are still coming to Cabo. If others are still going to Cabo, maybe we could, with help from someone in town, get together and help with some of the clean up. We all love visiting Cabo every year, so lets help get it back to normal.

no55brando's picture already raising lots of pesos...

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Anything we can do, let us know. We're there. Would love an extra concert. Didn't get tickets for bash this year. Luv ya brother.

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THE VIMFP Headliner is...

Vegas Mate for iOS - the best and only Vegas app you'll ever need, - the one and only Sinners Guide to Las Vegas in conjunction with The D Las Vegas and the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center are unbelievably proud to announce that this years headliner for the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic will be Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee... Sammy Hagar.

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Prayers go out to the people of Cabo. It is a bummer that the bash was cancelled, but the bigger picture is everyone is safe. I am bummed I had to cancel my trip, but feel fortunate that I did get to see Sammy in Indy and St Louis this year. I have already reserved my room for next year in Cabo and hoping to finally win the lottery and get tickets.

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Sammy Hawaii please please!! So we can soak in the sun with our toes in the sand and rum in our hands!! There is plenty of rum there so for every rum drink we buy that money can be donated to Cabo! Let's do this a CABO REBUILD BASH/ BIRTHDAY BASH!! Trying to sit tight Sammy! We just have so much energy in us to help u celebrate and want to help Cabo rebuild!!