Cabo Kim

January 13, 2012 by sammyhagar
Cabo Kim
Cabo Kim & Sammy in St. Louis 2011
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I was very sad to hear the news last week that Queen Redhead Cabo Kim lost her fight with cancer. A couple months back at the 'Foot show in St. Louis we got to spend a little time time hanging out before the show - and even in a wheel chair her spirits were still high and she was ready to rock. My heart goes out to her family and friends - she has ruled the Redheads for so long and we will all miss her.

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So sorry to hear this Sammy. Myself and my family will keep her in our prayers.

God Bless,


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I thought that friends of Cabo Kim would appreciate the news coverage.

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Thanks Sammy, I never got a chance to meet Kim, But she was a member of the REDHEAD family, and truly will be missed RAISE SOME CABO !!!

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Thank You so much, Sammy, You where a great figure in Kims life. She loved you truly. It was a wonderful thing that you posted this tribute to Kim on you website. It goes to show that Kim was loved by alot of people. She is rocking out in heaven. Where we will get to see that Cabo Kim again. Till then Love You Kim, Your Friend Ronda

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As if I don't already have enough reasons to Love My Awesome Red Rocker---you have a heart of (RED) instead of GOLD!!! I am a 2 and a half year cancer survivor and you took the time to listen to me and sign a few extra's at your book signing in St. Louis (along with a hug and a kiss)!!! It's so fabulous that you spent some time with Cabo Kim and and gave her something so special (YOU)!!!
Becky K

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First, thanks to Dan Gray & Channel 11 News in St. Louis for announcing Sammy's above tribute to Cabo Kim. Kim had not yet converted me to Redheaddom, but Sammy has possibly just done so.
Kim & my wife were good friends for years until she passed a few years ago. After that I got to know Kim for the wonderful & caring person she was. I was honored to join her on her trip to Sammy's B-day Bash a couple years ago at the Wabo. She'll be sorely missed & please know you are in my prayers John, Keya & Brandon. There are 2 things of which I am certain - I will never again hear the word "party" out of a minister's mouth as often as at that eulogy chocked full of Redheads, & Kim & my wife are together up there toasting all of us & especially Sammy's post.

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I will forever remember going with you and Chuck to see Sammy. I had such fun. And Sammy I know why you are so loved in St. Louis.
I will miss you and your stories from your trips to Mexico. You will be forever missed!

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Taking the time to remember your fans is one of the many reason you have such a loyal following! Kim was one in a million and will be missed at all of our St. Louis events as well as the many others she attened with so many of her Redhead Family. Then again I know she will be there with us, right up front!

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Kim Will Live On In The Heart's & Memories Of Every REDhead Who Ever Met Her... She Truly Embodied The REDHead Spirit

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Sammy I always tell people how genuine and down to earth you are and once again you proved my point. Ive been a REDHEAD for a long time, in fact I was at the New Haven show when live without a net was filmed. I have never seen an artist take the time to show their respects to a passing fan, although many deserve it. Kim will be missed by all who met or Knew her and my heart goes out to her family. For sure she passed through the pearly gates and is probably asking the choir if she can sing along with her flip flops on. RIP

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Two very good-hearted & genuine people are in that picture. Chrissy & I met Kim on our first trip to Cabo. It was a wonderful time for us & Kim will always be part of our precious memories of that trip. We waited in line with her & I don't think I ever met anyone who was more of a Sammy fan than she was. I regret that we haven't gotten to see her in quite a while but she will always be part of our best REDhead memories. I know she was on cloud nine in that picture with you, Sammy & I know she is in heaven beaming about your post.

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Wow, Sammy this is very cool of you! And ,yes Kim will be missed . I met her through Daron Declue, when they would come see my band New World Spirits here in St. Louis.
She was a true sweetheart, and your biggest fan!
Rest in Peace, Cabo Kim.

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Though I never had the pleasure to meet Kim at a concert what a great picture of the two of you. She looks happy. Knowing first hand what Cancer can do to a family loosing my husband to Cancer I wish her family and friends Peace at this time. Know things will get better with time, and she's smiling in heaven and healthy and I'm sure rocking to Sammy. RIP KIM

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Kim you will be missed! You brought joy and happiness to all who had the pleasure of knowing you.

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So young and so sad.. I wish her fammy well. Stay strong and keep rockin. I am sorry I never met this lady but if she was a Sammy fan she is OK in my book Rest in Peace lovely lady.

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TWO of the most beautiful people in the world. Thank you Sammy. You are such a good man. We love you.

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RIP Kim. Now she will be telling everyone one in heaven "there's only one one to rock!"

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I knew Kim. She was always a joy to be around. Always friendly and happy. I sent her several emails recently telling her that I was sending love and prayers her way and even in her failing state, she still wrote back and thanked me. She will be missed.

Although I'm sure there are perhaps a few celebrities out there who might take the time to visit backstage with one of their fans before a show because they know that person's health is failing and because they care, I'm not sure there are many who would take the time to actually post something like this on their personal website.

I was an honor to know such a fine person as Kim.

And Sammy, it is an honor to call myself a Redhead.

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We too will miss Cabo Kim VERY much. She was such a Sweetheart! When Chickenfoot played in Chicago a couple years ago,Kim and her long time Redhead friend Craig were heading this way up I55 looking for a pre-party. I was like "Heck stop at our place"!! So they did, we had our pre-party and headed to the Chicago Theatre. I'm so glad I got to spend this special time in my home with her. I did not know she was so sick at that time, I don't know if she did either. We had a Cabo Wabo shirt that was too small for us,she wanted it, we gave it to her.In return she sent me a shirt that was too big for her from Sammy's in St.Louis. She didn't have to do that. We met in Cabo many years ago. She will be missed by all. Sammy, by you calling her "Queen Redhead Cabo Kim" well, ya' hit the nail right on the head! Rest in Peace,My Redhead Sister Kimmie. We will miss You but never forget You!! Prayers to her family . JaNie and Bob

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Cabo Kim was A true REDHEAD and will be missed by many. Thanks Sammy for showing some REDlove to our St. Louis friend.

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RIP n REDLOVE Cabo Kim! THIS is what REDLOVE is all about. Far deeper than just a concert and fans! Thank you Sammy for caring and going beyound the call of duty.

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Rock on Kim :) Prayers for the family.

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Fellow Redheads hearts go out to her family. She is dancing in Heaven and that is a blessing = God's promise.

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Awesome tribute Sammy. Cabo Kim will be missed by all.

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All I have is good times to remember with you Kim. You were one of the most amazing genuine people a friend could have. I feel very fortunate to have met you and you will be truly missed by many.
You are at peace now and no longer suffering. God has taken you from us but there is no doubt we will meet once again.

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Cabo Kim lived life to fullest and even left life on her own terms at 8:05pm (her Time to Rock). I would like to Thank you so much for taking the time out in November to give my mother one of the happiest moments in her life, and now also in death giving her a fitting tribute to the love that she had to you Sammy and her fellow REDHEADS. You & your music was not just a concert that you went to and would leave, it became an avenue where she would meet live long friends, people who would be there throughout her life. Thank you so much for taking your time out in honor the life of my mother, a wonderful woman who loved everyone as if there were family. She has now recieved her front row seat in heaven.
Rock On!

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I will never forget Kim's smile. She was such a nice person. Debra and I hope to make it to Tahoe this year to celebrate Kim's legacy with our Redhead family. Peace and Love. Sammy is one of a kind, just as Kim was. Dale and Debra..........

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Beautiful! Thank you Sammy, Kimmie was very loved and will be missed.

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As someone who was blessed to call Kim FRIEND All I can say is Thanks Sammy. As always you are the Best...Redloves to all and to Kim... See you again someday, Love ya and miss ya til then...

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Speechless Sammy....your awesome!!!