Cabo Dates are announced!

June 05, 2015 by sammyhagar
Cabo Dates are announced!

There has been a lot of speculation whether or not the annual birthday bash will be in Vegas or Cabo. Let me make it clear that Vegas was a temporary substitute due to the hurricane. Everything is back to normal with the same dates as always October 7, 9, 11, 13 and a few surprises in between. 

Will let everyone know ASAP when tickets will go on sale.  

~ Sammy 

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They have the overflow line at the cantina before the show, if they're short on head count you can get in. There may be someone that has a cancellation on the trip and would have a spare, there's chances at fundraisers in town during TEN13 to get then at raffles or auctions, but they're usually in pairs. A few different strategies available, and doable. FDIC!!!

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How do I get 3 tickets for the birthday bash? I have already submitted for two but I need a third ticket for a friend. It tells me that only two tickets per household... I'm kinda in a jam here, I know they will be drawn randomly, but what ever I do, I need 3. I really could use some advise here.


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So excited... we are in Cabo the 6th to the 18th Hoping for tickets... Got us a villa for the afterparty

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Thank you!

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Just saw Sammy at the Naperville fest, he was great. Hoping for some tickets to any day.

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There should be an announcement by the end of the month.

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Any news yet? We are waiting to hear about tickets! I hope we hear somthing soon.I check every day just in case!Thank you!

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Waiting is gonna give me a heat attack! All we need is the Lottery to open up so we can sign up for tickets. And hopefully will win for 1 night!!!It was Sammy's 60th Birthday and my 50th when we were in Cabo last! I'm getting very anxious!

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I'm trying to be patient, but I'm feeling more like a 10 year old on Christmas Eve everyday. I can't book until I secure a ticket to one night. That's the bucket list caveat I need to convince my wife. I'm sure once we've been there though, we'll be there twice.

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We already bought our airline tickets and booked a room. My birthday is 10/24 and Jeff's is 10/13 we really would love to get tickets to either the 3rd or the 4th night!

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Patiently awaiting news on the BB ticket sale info. :)

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Dont forget about getting a passport and you need your birth certificate to do so

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DO NOT wait much longer to book hotel/flight. I am coming from VA and find that prices from here on out go EXTREMELY higher. I booked last month total package for what airfare was last year waiting. The dinner reservation part is handled in a special way when these shows are played. They will announce that part with regular show ticket announcement.

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im so ready to visit Cabo again, got my airline tix and resort reservation!
i only need Sammy's Bday Bash Tickets to make it even more perfect!!!

woohoo, i can't wait!!!

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How does that work. I am in limbo here on east coast. Do I book a room, and if don't get tickets, cancel...

can you always get in if you have dinner reservations??


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Alright​, the Joe Blows of the world (that's me) need details on your Cabo Birthday Bash ticket lottery! We're only 3 months out!

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I had Cabo tickets last year but the hurricane hit, and I could not attend the Vegas party. I am crossing my fingers to get Cabo tickets for 2015!

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Waiting patiently and super excited to have a chance to get tickets to Sammy's Birthday Bash.
Totally missed the one in 2010.
Crossing my fingers!

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Jus saw Sammy at summer fest Milwaukee Wisconsin !! Can't wait to see him in cabo !! Sammy rocks !!

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Awesome !! See you in cabo baby!!!

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cant wait ! booked 10th-17th, hope to score some tix, otherwise it will be the dinner show route again!

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Made my air and hotel reservations for Cabo. Hopefully my husband and I get to go to one of the first 3 shows!

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Will be in Cabo celebrating a 50th B'day. Hoping to get 4 tix for Oct. 13.

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There have been some years it was August before we found out about winning. I would think this year that is not going to be the case. I am thinking another one to two weeks and we will have the next announcement.

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Had tickets for the 13th last year. It was my 30th anniversary on Sammy's birthday. Unfortunately it didn't happen. Already booked my trip for the 10-17 th. hopefully I will be picked this year. I'm surprised the tickets haven't gone on sale yet! Last year I think it was June 21-27 and we found out if we were picked around July 5th. We'll keep waiting and hope that we are picked again this year

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I would not take the on sale part to mean no lottery. The reason being is that the lottery still is them going on sale. At this point I do not think anyone knows.

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We are also booked October. 11th thru 16th at riu palace hopefully we get picked for shows , it's been a few years since we were in cabo.

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Just saw the page which indicated BDBASH tickets will go "on sale" soon. Does that mean no lottery????? Anyone????

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Sammy, just seen you in Burlington! I guess I was actually on the news when they interviewed outside the gate. Just before my sister and I left for Steamboat Days we booked our vacation for Cabo at the RUI. Santa Fe Oct. 3rd through the 17 we will be signing up to win tickets for all 4 nights hoping. Maybe to win 1 night. What else can we do to see you if we don't win the tickets? CABOBILLY SUE

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I love that idea!

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Will you be taking into consideration those who were awarded tickets last year (like me), but couldn't go since the show was cancelled due to the hurricane? I would love to be able to go this time around since I have never been picket before last year. Thanks in advance for listening.

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Your welcome always glad to help out a fellow RedHead. Good Luck to you as well. I have flights and hotel booked just need to get picked.

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Thanks redrocker327, that helps a lot. Good luck to you if you are trying for tickets this year!!

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If things work like past years the site will have links for each show to enter into the drawing. You are not limited to how many you can enter into but DO NOT put yourself down unless you can go. There is a limit of 2 tickets per person. You do not get actual tickets but a wristband that is put on you and your guest at the cantina. This is done to prevent re-selling. Your card is charged upon you being selected and entering one is part of the registration for drawing. The tickets for show only type which is the drawing ones are $55. This is once again based off previous years.

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This is my first year to be able to go to Cabo during Sammy's birthday and I am so excited. This is the #1 thing on my bucket list!! I already have the trip booked and waiting to try to get tickets. I have a few questions about tickets. I know they are done lottery style but is there a limit to the number of shows & tickets per show you can put in for? How much are the tickets usually? Also do the tickets get mailed or can you print them at home? And lastly is your credit/debit card charged as soon as you are picked if you are lucky enough to get picked? I appreciate any feedback from my fellow Redheads.

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My Wife and I are looking forward to seeing Sammy again in July this will be our 5th time, would love to see him in October as well.

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Can't wait to do it again... Last year we were so sad to not head to Cabo in October due to the hurricane (we even had tickets through the lottery) CAN'T wait for 2015!! Cabo Wabo HERE we COME!!! Be back this over this past year and am so Happy to see Cabo Strong and my friends in Baja doing GREAT!!! SEE ya'll soon!!!

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An announcement is coming SOON.

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Any idea when tickets will be available?

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Looking forward to cabo 2015' rocking with Sammy and making wife's bday special with friends

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They stopped the same birthday as Sammy getting in at least three years ago.

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if your bday was on oct. 13th, the cantina used to let ya in for free. not so sure that is the case anymore?? worth a shot askin at the door....

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Looking for info on the Redheads Booze Cruise for 2015???

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Would love to win tickets have never been to Cabo,would make for a great vacation since we haven't been on one in 3 years.

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My Best Friend has the same birthday as Sammy and we will be in Cabo to celebrate his 50th! We want to attend the 13th Show! I have never been to Cabo Wabo and want to make my buddy's birthday unforgettable! Any tips?

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Last year our dreams came true winning tickets for Cabo after Sammy's concert in Lake Tahoe. Aaron picked our winning ticket at midnight. Oh what a night. Well that dream was taken away. We did transfer to Vegas. Had a BLAST celebrating & rockin with Sammy, The Circle & Chickenfoot. One hell of a rock n roll party night for sure. So here we are again with our fingers crossed for this dream to come true this year. Best of luck to all the Redheads. Love ya Sammy!! ~Ang

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I'm the Man in the Box!

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Sweet! Have been waiting for this announcement. Thank you.
Won the lottery last year and had to do Vegas, awesome but definitely wasn't the Cabo experience. Prayin I can win the lottery!

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Down there from Oct 5th to 19th. Praying for tickets. First show was May of '93 - Los Tres Gusanos. In the good ol' days when I could walk in the club and get 8 tickets.