Cabo with the Bizarre Andrew Zimmern

April 16, 2012 by sammyhagar
Cabo with the Bizarre Andrew Zimmern
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Hi Redheads -- I'm down in Cabo and wanted to send an update to you all and share a few photos. Andrew Zimmern from Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods was in town so we both hopped up on stage and he added some energy and vocals to sing Mas Tequila and a wild jam on Roadhouse Blues. Check out the photos - he fits right in here in Cabo!

I also wanted to thank all the Redheads for all the excitement (and quickly sold out tix) to the Rum Bash we have going down next Tuesday back home in Mill Valley, CA - seeing your excitement has me pumped and I am ready to serve it up from behind the bar! You are gonna absolutely love APE (and their live tiki carving) and we've got all sorts of other special surprises in store for you. I can't wait!

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Cabo with the Bizarre Andrew Zimmern
Cabo with the Bizarre Andrew Zimmern
Cabo with the Bizarre Andrew Zimmern
Cabo with the Bizarre Andrew Zimmern

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Texas Charlie's picture

I was there it was great as we did not know Sammy would be there then he came across from upstairs and played a few said he would be back Sunday, so we made it back Sunday and he jammed for a while it was great!

Wonder what the Texas Flag was on Sammy for???? Loved it being from Texas!!

Hepfan's picture

can you post when the Cabo episode will be aired please??

Mandy Buck's picture

Wish we could be there, but will see ya'll in Tahoe on May 5th can't wait have the VIP package.

cabowabokev's picture

Hey Sammy I like that hockey Canada hat

turtlerock's picture

You sure do keep good company. Has Andrew prepared anything exotic? Remember. I'd think twice if food is still moving before it goes in your mouth.
Sure wish we could make it down this year. Once you go you gotta go back.

azure.s's picture

Man, don't let that guy taste your face!!