From Bush To Mug: A Sammy Hagar Home Coffee Experience

January 23, 2014 by sammyhagar

After jamming with Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, Richie Sambora and more for Alice Cooper's Maui Food Bank fundraiser on NYE, I went home and on New Year's morning brewed up my first cuppa from coffee beans from my pineapple planation in Maui!

Fresh picked coffee berries nice and red. 

My first batch of coffee beans from my house in Maui- small, but they're going to be good. They were bright red and I've peeled them, now drying them to get the membrane off then I will roast them to make my first cuppa coffee! Enough for approximately 3 cups of coffee Yum Yum happy new year!

First stove roast. Be careful it must roast evenly high heat but shake the F out of it.  Can't burn-- VIP!


Just about there - see uneven color.  That's not good, you want even color consistent med to dark brown. Keep on med high heat and shake like popcorn.

When it's ready you smell it-- just like when you drive past a roaster! I used the classic popcorn sieve. 40 minutes of shaking, moving on & off fire. I compared the beans with my best bag of Equator coffee beans (my favorite local coffee shop) and couldn't tell the difference! You have to wait 12 to 24 hours after roasting before you grind it and make a cup. The reason you wait is because there is gas that has to escape from the beans or the coffee's not as good!

Ground and ready in my favorite one-cup Red Rocker coffee maker!

Ground and ready to rock!

Yum yum yum. My first from bush to mug of coffee! Very nutty, earthy wood with bitter sweet chocolate notes. Very balanced acidity a mild mellow jack. Whew!!! Cockadoodledo.

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 12 Redhead Comments

beanielee's picture

After this segment..I will be expecting to see your coffee on shelves!!! You are the best..keep rockin Sammy!!!

twistedmister's picture

where I'm from the phrase "from bush to mugg" has nothing at all to do with coffee?

"she gives a mean mugg" "mean muggin" "mugg shot" :-)

although I suspect thats what that Cheshire grin was all about...

Leslie Stewart - Reynoso's picture

Wow nothing better than homegrown anything! LOL - But with a REDROCKER lifestyle I think you might need to kick it up a notch as Emeril would say! Maybe with a shot of Geritol aka redbull.
If you know what Geritol is than you are as old as rock n roll! LMFAO - Leslie the Radiochickie

janetswan's picture

it must be nice to be Sammy Hagar!! When will it be available for the redheads??

areyoulistening's picture

So Sammy, when WILL that Red Rocker one cup coffee maker be available in the Red Rocker Store????

areyoulistening's picture

Our very own Todd Carmichael! I watch his show whenever it's on and long to try the Liberica or Elephant bean! Rock on Sammy! Always a party when you come to town. Keeping the dream alive since 75!! (I have that is.) Peace

302_Boss_Chick's picture

damn, and I thought I was hard core because I grind my own beans!! come on up to Napa and brew me a cup anytime!!'s picture
I want a Red Rocker coffee maker..way cool..
Elquailo's picture

I'm thinking that would go really well with just a bit of Red Head macadamia Beach Bar Rum poured over the top, yes?...

KimPossible's picture

Yummy, I want some :D

RedWhaler's picture

Hey Brutha! That's awesome! That's how I initially got into coffee except I used a cast iron skillet! (: You should stop by the roasting plant here at 169 Paul Drive in San Rafael when your back in town! Shoot me a message @ or at 415-906-6266 ext 101

The Red Whaler

cabowaborita5150's picture

I can see it now "Sammy's Maui Wowi Coffee" on grocery stores everywhere.