Birthday Bash Ticketing Decision

July 23, 2010 by sammyhagar
Birthday Bash Ticketing Decision

Redheads, OK, the decision has been made. We are selling tickets this year! 500 tickets per show sold through the web site directly to you. No Ticketmaster bullshit. 150 can still stand in line for the dinner seats and the previous system will be in place for those wristbands just like before. Security will be provided for that line, details available in the weeks ahead. Anyone born on 10/13 gets in free on our birthday. Hell, if your birthday is the day of a show, you get in free then too. Happy Birthday from me. on sale date will be announced soon. There has been lot's of talk about the ticket price but you know I only have one number, 55. I am really hoping this will let some fans get in that have never been to the Cabo Wabo before, so please buy two tickets per night and let everyone have a chance to come to the party.

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I've been coming to Cabo for several years for the b'day bash and this yr even went to the anniversary bash! I agree with the selling of tickets but from FREE to $55? How about $10.13? I live in Tampa area and it's VERY expensive to get tickets to Cabo, food, hotel and entertainment being free was a major help! If I didn't already have air tics I wouldn't be able to come this yr! Instead of attending all shows now I'll probably only be able to attend 1 or 2! Some of my redhead friends who ALWAYS go are re-thinking about it at all because of the price!
As for line time, if the tics are gen adm. there will be long lines to get up front anyway.
I could agree with maybe $55 per pair but the 10.13 would be the best. I actually enjoyed line time meeting more redheads and have met some of my very best friends there!
I also always go to the Cinco de Tahoe in May to and have flown to various shows butI'm running out of $$$.
Sammy is a little personal part of happiness to me and I live for his shows. I've been a fan since high school and Montrose!

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I think this is a Great idea to have the opportunity to ensure you have a pair of tickets in hand before you pay for a trip to Cabo. Why are people complaining even if it is $55 a ticket, good grief!

If I can get a ticket to celebrate in Cabo with Sammy the week prior to turning the Big 50 on Rocktober 15th, I'm in!

See you in Vegas - Rock On!

Big Jim

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The best news in all the land!!!!Cabo here I come... with a ticket!!!YeePee!!! Thanks Sammy!!! This works!!!

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HELL yeah....twice please...count me in for 2 a show...Sammy.. you have made my day!!!!$55 is fine....I dont mine....Rock on Cabo here I come!!!! Thanks for the update...keep us Redheads posted baby!!! Cant wait to see you folks in Cabo!!!

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well, this is gonna be my second trip to cabo for the b-day bash. i don't mind paying now so i don't have to wait in line. it's about time they do something like this. hopefully, you'll be able to purchase just one. i'll be able to make it to the last two shows, so $55 a pop is cool with me.

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I can't believe the grumpy RR fans complaining on Sammy's site. Appreciate that Sammy and Co have a system at all. This is a special show and if you get to be lucky enough to be there well that would make it that much more special.

So for the grumps out there...ya'll need to pipe down and crank up some Sammy tunes. Chill and enjoy life.


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Everbody just needs to calm down, it said a # 55, it didnt say $55.00 a ticket. It could be 55cents, or 2 for 55bucks who knows, only the hagar camp knows. You can still do line time for the rest of the tickets if you like, but for me to make sure i have a ticket and spending the money to get down there im all for it.

Chuck I AM

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$55? Damn,I wish I had $55!
You Rock Brother!

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So let me get this straight. Only 250 people are going to get a pair of tickets per show. There will still be a line for dinner tickets. I thought pre selling tickets was to avoid the line. The birthday show isn't free. Redrocker members don't get tickets before anyone else they just get to know about it ahead of time. If you are lucky enough to get tickets for every night it is going to cost you $440. Will somebody please tell me how this is a better system! I'm all for Sammy wanting new people to enjoy the bash but what about all the people that have supported him and Cabo for years. Waiting on line was the only fair way. Let's see what happens.

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From $0.00 to $55.00 EACH! Wow thats steep,maybe for a pair but EACH. It is not unusual for myself and the people that attnend with us, for the past 5 years, to be very generous to the local charities that are associated with the Cabo Wabo. We do this BECAUSE the shows have been free and it is our way of feeling thankful, but now just my family it will be $220.00 for one show. Regrettably, the charity will now be cut back on. We love the economy and the people in Cabo, but this is gonna change our spending money for sure. BUT carry on Sammy, still love you, and look forward to spending your Birthday with you