Birthday Bash Ticketing Decision

July 23, 2010 by sammyhagar
Birthday Bash Ticketing Decision

Redheads, OK, the decision has been made. We are selling tickets this year! 500 tickets per show sold through the web site directly to you. No Ticketmaster bullshit. 150 can still stand in line for the dinner seats and the previous system will be in place for those wristbands just like before. Security will be provided for that line, details available in the weeks ahead. Anyone born on 10/13 gets in free on our birthday. Hell, if your birthday is the day of a show, you get in free then too. Happy Birthday from me. on sale date will be announced soon. There has been lot's of talk about the ticket price but you know I only have one number, 55. I am really hoping this will let some fans get in that have never been to the Cabo Wabo before, so please buy two tickets per night and let everyone have a chance to come to the party.

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1FJEF. You have spelled it out better than anyone yet. You are exactly right!

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It's not about the price, because Sammy could charge a WHOLE LOT MORE and we would pay it. It's the biggest fiesta of the year. The fact that we all had an opportunity to voice our opinions about the matter just goes to show you how much Sammy really loves his redheads. It's about the venue and 10/13. It will always be that way, same time-same place. That's why the acquiring of tickets should of remained the same. Being in line for tickets is part of the experience, and if you don't like it, DON'T GO. I know Sammy wants to see some new faces and everybody should have a chance to celebrate his birthday with the man, but those people should realize standing in line for tickets is part of the gig. Last thing I need to see is some polo shirt wearin' tennis hack that picked two tickets so him and "Buffy" could "rock out" one of the nights they're in Cabo squeezin' in some golf tournament. Those are the kinda of people that need reassurance that they have tickets before they go anywhere. Give me the redheads that want to party and get into every show. Those are the true redheads. Unfortunately, this year chances of getting tickets in line has dwindled dramatically. Buying tickets online(250 purchasers) will not even take one minute on the internet. Most Redheads would have better odds winning a lottery. Should of stayed the same.....hope I get in, standing in line...C U N CABO

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two tickets on any of the first three shows, i'm not asking much being in cabo seeing Sammy can't get any better.
See ya in Cabo

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the more I think about it the more I think it is going to be impossible for some of us to get tickets this way...Depending on what time tickets go on sale many of us will be working and not have access to the computer...Us East Coasters are running out of time to book flights & hotel...the prices are gettig higher & higher for flight and rooms.

I know Sammy wants to see some new faces out there and give more people a chance but what about us up front fantastic who put our heart & soul into this every year. I just want to be there and when you travel so far and spend so much money it would be horrible not to get in and travel on a chance. I wish more tickets were available..then we could all get in.

Here's to all of us Redhead up front fantatics getting together and working magic to get's not just the shows, it's the friend, the fun, the adventure, it's what we all look forward to somehow this has to work....but no matter how it turns out Sammy thanks for trying what you think is best to give us all a chance, all I am asking is don't forget us crazy, street sleeping round the clock up front fanatics :)

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Waiting to hear the news on the ticket sales.....Can't wait to see everyone in Cabo....and for all the Redheads going to Vegas this weekend...HAVE A RED OF A TIME!!!! Those tickets are $200++....55.00 isn't bad just the fact that only 500 tickets are going up for sale.....keeping my fingers crossed I get a pair for a show or two!!

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Everyone is talking about $55 is not that bad. If you are going to one show I would say you are right, but a lot of us are talking about $440. I have been going for 10 years now. I have not missed a show yet. My wife and I were married down there. We have met a lot of great friends in line. This is great for all the people that only go to one show. Until you think that only 250 people will get tickets. That is a blink of an eye when you are buying them on a computer. Look at trying to buy tickets for Tahoe. There are like 2000 seats for that and still people can't get tickets. Everyone saying that we can still get in line down there do not understand that that is for dinner tickets. Which if they stay the same is $60 a ticket and those have been harder to come by than the free tickets. I am just scared that a lot of long time people that have been going for years will not get in. At least before we had a chance now we really don't. I will be there and hope that everything works out. It will be a hard trip going knowing shows are sold out and not having tickets. ANYBODY THINKING THIS IS A GREAT IDEA BETTER NOT COMPLAIN WHEN YOU DON'T GET TICKETS. YOU REALLY HAVE NO IDEA HOW FAST THEY WILL GO. It was actually getting easier to get tickets. I know people that just walked right up in line and got them at 9am.

I am not here going off on Sammy but people you have to open you eyes. You want to go off on Ticketmaster for you being able to by tickets for shows all over the place. But Sammy is great for charging $55 a ticket for what have been free tickets for 9 years.

For everyone glad that this is your first trip or that now you will go since you will be able to buy tickets before hand better not buy those plain tickets yet and not get too excited. I have never had a first timer down there and not helped them get tickets. Everyone I know has always helped people out by telling them when to get in line so that they would get in. The only people I know that did not get in did not want to stand in line. Thinking that is was not worth it.

I will be there and see how this goes but I am not looking forward to being down there and not seeing a show. Never thought I would be unhappy in Cabo but this does not look good. I have a feeling that it will be a different feel down there when the majority are down there for one night instead of the ones that do what ever they can to get their tickets for every show.

Good luck to everyone! I think we are all going to need it.

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Personally I don't look at this as a bad thing (as long as I can get a ticket. hahaha).

My girlfriend surprised with me with a trip to Cabo, for my birthday, and picked this week in October knowing this is Sammy's bday week. She wanted to get me tix for a b-day show and quite honestly, I was a little uneasy about her spending a few thousand dollars and both of us taking a weeks vacation (we are in Maryland) to go down there to potentially not get tickets. (Of course the flip side is, it wouldn't be a total loss if we couldn't get tickets b/c we would be in Cabo!) If we have to tack on an extra $55 or $110 onto the price of the trip, so be it. I remember watching the Mtv special for the opening of the Cabo Wabo Cantina (I wasn't even a teenager yet) and been wanting to go there since. Because of the distance, getting tickets for a birthday show will probably be a once in a lifetime experience for her and I. Yeah, I'm excited & a large amount of my friends are just plain jealous. :)

With that, see you all in Cabo!

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I think that is so Awesome Sammy! You ROCK!! I hope everyone that is attending will have a blast! Have some Cabo Wabo for me!! Wish I could go! I think 55 is perfect and a fair price to party with you! Someday, if I get a different job I will be there for your show! :) Until then, I hope you have a Happy Birthday and I hope your fans will share the fun with those who have never been! I have seen you many times and I have never been disapointed! Praying for another show next summer here in the Bay! Until then Keep Rockin your Red Socks Off!

Tina Mazzaratti!

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My wife and I will be down in Cabo for the first time this year. I will just be getting back from Afghanistan and taking my R&R in Cabo for Sammy's birthday, and mine as well, October 10th. We can't wait! I don't care how we get tickets, online or standing in line, as long as we get to see Sammy. See you all in October.

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right on sammy i have been a fan of yours all my life and i hope i get a chance to come down there and do a shot with you
and theres some thing ive been wanting to say to you for along time prerferably in person, your music made my world a better place, thanks man, peace abe,

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Another R-october 15th here Big Jim....CUN CABO!!!

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Found 'em, thank you RIRedrocker!

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John I believe the comments you are referring to are on the older blogs... click on sammyhagar's blog and you'll find them all there.

Look forward to reading about ticket specifics this week!

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What happened to all the original comments from last week? It looks like a bunch (mine included) are no longer on the thread. I do truly appreciate Sammy's kindness to his fans over the years, however, I have two concerns about the new policy. One, I fear that the tickets will be gone very quickly using this method. It seems that it would have been better to leave the system as is. Yeah, it could be a drag to wait in line over night, just to see some yahoos jumping line as the morning approached, however, at least you knew that if you got in that line early enough, you had a pretty good shot at getting wristbands. Two, not everybody is coming to Cabo from California or Arizona or Nevada, some of us are coming from the east coast and it's pretty darn expensive just to fly down there, let alone pay for a hotel. If I have to spend a ton of money on flight/hotel, then $55.00 per ticket (if, in fact, it is per ticket and not pair of tickets), per night, could get out of hand quickly. I mean, what if I wanted to attend 2 or 3 shows? Suddenly, I'm adding $220.00 or $330.00 to the cost of an already expensive trip (which starts around $1,500.00 or more). Some of us are really feeling the heat of the tanked economy, so I'm not sure that now is the right time to start selling tickets. Again, I love Sammy and truly appreciate all he does for us Redheads and all the great music he has put out over the years, whether in a solo situation, with Montrose, with Van Halen, with the Wabos, whatever, but I am slightly bummed about this new ticketing system.


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My wife and I look forward on seeing you in Cabo for your Birthday Bash, it will be our first time and we can not wait, see you there and Keep Rockin!!!!

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Thanks Sammy!!

I think there is a little for everyone to like. Some tickets and some walk ups. The price is perfect and in fact its cheaper then the other shows I have been to this year. Looking forward to sharing Cabo San Lucas with some close friends and perhaps even meeting a couple of your crazy Redheads.

Keep your chins up Redheads... We are going to have fun one way or another!!

Release the Kraken!!

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doubt that I'll EVER like doing it this way... But what choice we got...

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I love that idea! I was bummed about turning 55 this month but hey maybe age can have an advantage..great idea!!

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Hey, I like that idea..I was really bummed about turning 55 this month..but heck maybe being 55 might have an!!

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U phakin bet, wez be there from Oct. 8th till Oct. 16th staying at Villa Del Palmer on the beach,nonstop from Dallas.B&B Adventures Kaplan,La.

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I'll be in cabo for three shows been waiting 4 years to see SAMMY, I hope I get tickets for just one of the shows. I'll be real happy to know I have tickets before flying in. If not I guess I'll have to wait in line. See ya in cabo

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I don't get it... Before the decision was announced, everybody was pro ticket sales anti sit on the sidewalk...Now,all I see is "Oh my god Sammy how could you"...Well folks you asked for change and here it is, LIVE with it... I for one am still a STREET RAT how I handle my tickets to the show will remain to be seen... I've seen so many different posts, with folks not knowing the deal on tix... BUT I read Sammy's email of what to be ready for... I will wait and see. Til the tix go on sale, just chill and live with what u asked for...

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to tbjasper... WOW! Lot of hate in you! Most of us waiting on line people are not worried about the ticket price, we're worried about not being in control of getting them. When we wait on line we always knew we would get in. With ticket sales we're worried about them being sold out in seconds.With that kind of negativity and hate in you, we would all do better if you stayed home!

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If you can't fork over $55 for a ticket to see one of the most awesome performers and performances, then stay home so the rest of us can enjoy it - and have a shot at getting tickets. Quit y'er bitchin' and thank God that he put Sammy here on this earth during our lifetime. If you don't agree, perhaps you should listen to 'Dick in the Dirt, 'cause that's where you belong.

See you in Fresno and Cabo in Oct., Sammy. Happy Birthday!!


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This is fantastic news. Our friends and my wife and I have been booked at the Riu Santa Fe for a few months and have been looking forward to this trip. We were there in 2008 and had a blast and were planning on seeing Sammy again. This makes it easier. Sam is the man and he gets my full support. $55 is nothing in the grand scheme of things. We might see him twice :-) We love ya Sammy! Peace...

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This is fantastic news. Our friends and my wife and I have been booked at the Riu Santa Fe for a few months and have been looking forward to this trip. We were there in 2008 and had a blast and were planning on seeing Sammy again. This makes it easier. Sam is the man and he gets my full support. $55 is nothing in the grand scheme of things. We might see him twice :-) We love ya Sammy! Peace...

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Great news!

Does anyone know when the tickets will go on sale??

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So excited to finally be a part of Sammy BDay BASH tradition. Where is everyone staying...Stayed at Pueblo Bonita Rose, Westin, Riu Palace and Fiesta Americana...hoping to find some place where the Redhead crew will be.

Looking forward....
Peace and Love

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Options for everyone's taste.
A. Pre-purchase
B. Still stand in line to meet other fans
Here's to CABO 2010

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$55 is cool as long as we don't get stone walled by assholes buying up the tix and then selling them on ebay!!! I will miss the lines (kind of!!).

You you in Cabo

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I can't believe some of these comments like this one. Knowing the way Sammy takes care of his fans and charities....the $55.00 will more than likely be donated to charity anyway...PLUS with purchasing the tickets in advance, it frees up YOUR time to work with the charities you say you are so committed to in the first place, instead of standing in line for 2 days for a freebee! I just thank God for people like Sammy, who constantly does good for others, EVERY chance he gets, like what was stated in another many other artists take their fans opinions into consideration in this kind of a descison? I haven't ran accross one yet! I have been down cabo way for 6 years now, I think this was the best solution for all, the best of both can still stand in line for the freebees, or, pre purchase, as it is VERY costly just to get there without the gaurentee of even seeing a show once you do get there! I'm all for it, but I think it should have been $100.00 a ticket! ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY!

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$55 a ticket rocks! I think it's great that you are doing ticket sales and some standing in line! Redheads - remember that Sammy said previously that the money is going to charity for the kids!!!! I can't make it this year, but am already planning on next year, it'll be my first year - so please hang on for one more year!!!

I agree that the earlier the tickets can go on sale the better, and members of this site should get a first crack! Lots of planning to do.

Saw you in Lansing, MI on the 14th and you ROCKED! Thanks for an awesome show, awesome music, caring about your fans, and the inspiration of some of your songs (GIVE to LIVE is an awesome instruction for living life)!

Peace to you and all your family and fans,

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I have not been to Cabo - yet! I look forward to when I can, maybe next year. So I'm not bummed by the 55 (whatever that may be!) for a birthday bash ticket. All I know is I work hard for my money, and I will get to gladly spend it in Cabo one year! And if it turns out to be $55 for a ticket for an unforgettable party with Redheads and Sammy, I will pay that. Thanks Sammy for choosing to rock with Redheads for your birthday! The world is a better place for your being born!

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This is such great news. We will be coming for the first time to BBash. Staying at RIU Palace so we can enjoy inclusive without waiting in line. Can't wait till October!!!!!

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I'm already booked at the Tesero...See you all there!

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As for the price of $55 for the show; I really dont care.
When you consider the cash you are spending to not only get to Cabo, but what you will drop once you are there, is 55 bucks really going to break the bank? I seriously doubt it.
My concern is that the ticketing will create less of a crowd in Cabo plus many more people risk not being able to get tickets. Im not a 1013 member, so who knows, by the time I hear they are on sale, it will likely be sold out.
Apparently there will still be some sold the old fashion way so we can still get in line for those, thank goodness.
I am glad that Sammy and his team are so considerate of the fans opinions though,
thats one reason we keep coming back!

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Sammy, I think it's cool you spend your birthday with your RedHead family every year. And I think $55 for tickets is a fair price. You can't make all of us happy, but please know you made THIS Redhead very happy!

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Can't wait , this is going to be great, this will be our first time comming to cabo !!!!!

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Being that I am a Birthday Bash "virgin" this year will be first trip to Cabo. I am thrilled that I will be able to get tickets in advance...That is awesome news to me and $55 oh well it's vacation and I want to party with Sammy on his birthday cost really does not matter to me. I know I will be buying a couple nites tickets for sure!! Scratch another one off my bucket list - Cabo here I come!!!

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You know I LOVE my redhead family, and I really don't want to dis anyone or their comments but REALLY If 55 bucks is going to make or break you please stay home Yes I met a lot of you in line at various venues and I truly love you all, I'll see you at the show and hell I'll buy the house a round of red rockers or waboritas if you prefer peace

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You said it Chuck !

rrcabo's picture

Well done Sammy.....

I want to say thank you brother! Its all good...

See you in Cabo bro!

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I think 55 is a great number! How about if we ARE 55 can we get in for free?! Rock On! We will be there no matter what!

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You know, the fact that Sammy actually CARES about his fans and asks for their input on the whole B-day Bash situation is way more valuable than the price of a concert ticket. Most bands don't ask their fans for input, they just sell tickets. Even if the tickets will be $55.00 each, it's still cheaper than any other concert around (cheaper than Tahoe even). Try to go see anyone else who's even half as talented as Sammy and you'll be paying way more!

He has given us REDheads SO much over the years, we just have to keep that in mind. He doesn't have to do the Bash at all! It's his f'n birthday for cryin' out loud, he could opt to spend it with his family instead of performing for a crowd. And yet every year he spends it with us!

Good luck to all of those going to Cabo this year, I hope you all get tickets and have a great time!

Rock on,

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And one more thing. $55 is fine. After all the free stuff that Sammy does down in Cabo, here in STL, and all over the place!! It's well worth the small price!! Thanks!

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I'm all for a more organized ticket situation when we're down there. Giving other people a better chance to get in. However, I LOVE standing in line and partying with the peeps and meeting new friends (we've met some really cool folks down there)and have a blast always! That's what it's all about. You go down there with no expectations, chillin with the Redheads, and hoping to get into the B-Day bash!

I just have one question, given that travel plans have to be made well in advance for such an outing, (at least for us)we usually make plans about, oh, roughly March, sometime? Will the ticket sales for next year be announced earlier in the year? I know this is a new decision and all, just wondering?

It would kinda suck to make travel plans, pay for everything, earlier in the year,and then not be able to get tickets based on a sell-out! After you've already taken the vacation time, paid for stuff, and whatever. Just thinking out loud!

Then again, who cares, at least you would be down there havin a blast!!!!!!!

Thanks, Peace!

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maybe its 55 pesos??????????????

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I agree with Sherry not sure we can make it this year and $55 per ticket per show won't help. Heck the dinner tickets were $60 weren't they? you got a great meal, drink and show? It is hard to please everyone but for people on a budget or hit by this economy this may make it impossible to attend. I met most of my Redhead family in line and I say family not friends because us Redheads would do anything for each other..we are not just fans we are family celebrating together..there are no worries, no problems, not bad times just a great big happy family reunion....I don't want to give that up. It has become part of my life and I look forward to seeing everyone every Oct. I don't have a magic answer I just want to be there.:(

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Been thinking about the ticket prices and think I am all right with the $55 and here is why! If they sold them for $20/show then people would buy them THINKING they may go to Cabo, this way it weeds those out that are just THINKING about going. Hell I'm already spending a good chunk getting there so what's another hundred bucks? If you look on the events page there are only 100 or so people that have said they are attending, I'm sure that isn't everyone that will be trying for tickets but I think we will be ok especially if they are offering them to us before the general public as the email stated. Just a thought!