Birthday Bash Ticketing Decision

July 23, 2010 by sammyhagar
Birthday Bash Ticketing Decision

Redheads, OK, the decision has been made. We are selling tickets this year! 500 tickets per show sold through the web site directly to you. No Ticketmaster bullshit. 150 can still stand in line for the dinner seats and the previous system will be in place for those wristbands just like before. Security will be provided for that line, details available in the weeks ahead. Anyone born on 10/13 gets in free on our birthday. Hell, if your birthday is the day of a show, you get in free then too. Happy Birthday from me. on sale date will be announced soon. There has been lot's of talk about the ticket price but you know I only have one number, 55. I am really hoping this will let some fans get in that have never been to the Cabo Wabo before, so please buy two tickets per night and let everyone have a chance to come to the party.

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I'll take your tickets for the 11th. How should we meet?

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When do we find out if we won the lottery for tickets? I've got my hotel and airline and would hate to go and not be able to see the shows!

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I have two tickets for the october 11th show That I dont need. I would like to trade them for two ticktes for the october 13th show if anyone is interested, you can email me at

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Well if you have a single ticket to either show available - I am interested - please email me at

I was shut out but still optimistic that I will see a show while out there.


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I managed to get tickets for both shows 11th and 13th! Only need one set though...

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Hey there Allmighty Red Rocker! My wife wants to bring me on
my birthday trip, event every year, down to the bash.
We are going to be in Cabo from Oct 9-13. Any way her and myself
can get tickets on one of those days to make this trip out of this world.

Thanks in advance,

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There are 150 spots each night for the Dinner Shows! 50 people at three sittings! The first sitting will get in the club first, but that might change this year, who knows! The second set won't make it in until well after the doors open out front! For those of you thinking Dinner Shows, get in line well before the Noon Sale Date! I would recommend at least two days before!! Last year it was a day & a half, & there was no pre-sale of tickets like this year!! If the line goes beyond the first corner don't waste your time...the Dinner Shows will be sold out!! One person can get two tickets & cash only! This is how it's been done for many years!
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The dinner show is always the way to go if you want to get in and get close. Once you get to Cabo go to the Cantina and find out when tickets are going on sale for the dinner shows. They usually start selling them in the early afternoon for the upcoming days. Try to get the first show you can, probably around 6pm. As soon as you're done eating go stand in line at the stairs leading down to the bar then as soon as they let you in bust down to the front row and lean on the stage for the next 4 hours drinking Pacifico waiting for the show to begin. If you get a later dinner show you'll get in and not wait as long, but find yourself standing 50 rows back. I personally feel standing there for 4 hours is worth having Sammy hand you the bottle of Cabo for a shot and Mike handing you his beer. But that's me, some people just want to get in, sit in back and listen. Either way it's worth the dinner ticket price.

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I hope my boyfriend and I can go next year...I can't wait...

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Hey guys, my birthday is 10-10-10 this year and I'm coming down for the festivities with my high school sweetheart from 30 years ago. I would really like to score some tickets for this very rare date. How and what do I need to do to make this happen? Please help out a 35 year Red Rocker SUPER fan.

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please tell me how you got tickets, thank you

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I say use ticketmaster, its bullet proof and you actually have time to make a transaction without getting booted off becuase of a beta site, I'm willing to pay the fee for the guarantee

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Finally saved up enough bucks to make it to Cabo this year and now I can't get tickets. Can some of you long time Redheads let me know how the dinnershow works? I am hoping I can get in that way. Thanks for any clues.

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I can't believe it but we got in for 10/13!!!! We were trying for 10/11 but my system was so slow, took me to the purchase page, then kicked me off! I was able to purchase tix for 10/13 and have a confirmation in my hands!!! Arriba!!
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I can't believe that I just got tix for the 10/13 show!! We tried for the 11th, no luck. Me and my husband feel so lucky that we'll be able to celebrate with Sammy on his B-day!! WHOO FRICKEN HOO!!! Arriba!!

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We fly in on the 12th. The tickets for the 13th were sold out in less than 5 minutes???? How can that be? I was able to put 2 tickets in my shopping cart, filled out my info on the next page, hit continue and was bounced back to the home page where no tickets were available. I thought this would be a fool-proof way to see the show. Very disappointing.

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Got tickets for the 8th and it was pretty easy. But, I was logged in and ready to go right when they went on sale. I've never been and I'm so excited. Can't wait!

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Where are the tix??? Site must have crashed???

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the streak is broken no cabo for me this year of all days to have a afternoon meeting hopefully sammy will sell tickets on the weekend next year or better yet not sell tickets next year at all good luck to everyone who's gonna try to get tickets tommorrow

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But there is no Club 1013 any more.....

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There is no Club 1013 any more so why are those people getting preference?

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What the hell don't sweat it folks...It's Sammy!!! Rock the Red on!!!!In line or not!!! YooHoo..Cabo here I come..the only sweat I will be feeling is on the beach baby or standing in a biggie..who cares..Its Cabo and it's Sammy's b-day baby!!!!

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Hey Jef, my guess is it was probly some of the folks who are NOT even going to Cabo (or have NEVER been there) who are posting the ticket info as they have ALL been so helpful with their ideas during the decision making process... Can't say I'm real surprised that this is happening...

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What happened to the tickets for the sidewalk sleepers....did they take them away too?? I can see lots of computer problems / glitches on Monday...

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First all who are posting the email Thanks. It was put out to help long time fans now everyone knows what the deal is making it even harder to get tickets. And for all that have not gotten the up date yet dinner tickets will now be $90 and no other tickets will be given out down there. Just when I did not think I could bend over any more. WOW!!! Definitely not a way to make sure you don't loose fans. So now if we can't get tickets when they go on sale it is another $180 per show just to get in not to mention drinks and whatever else. At least we will be in a fun town. I know there is a LOT of money down in Cabo but there are a lot of Sammy fans that don't have a lot of it. It will be an interesting year and I fear one that I will be watching the side of the building or more likely in a different bar.

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I am just wondering, after reading most of the comments, how these people are so SURE that they WILL get in to see him??!! Do they know something that the rest of us dont?? I am feeling like most of the tickets are already gone and they havent been even put on sale yet. Am I just being paranoid or a little bit above the curve here??!! I havent seen him play since he played with MONTROSE back in the 70's in Sacramento and I was hoping to see him in Baja. I am originally from California, born and bread there, and I have moved to Kansas (yes, TOTO IS here) and we dont get THAT many good concerts in Wichita. They, the good groups, tend to go up north to Kansas city and to Mo. I just want to go to one more of his concerts before I end up like Eddie.I have been a smoker, yes...pot too, and now my lungs are the shits.I have no transpo to get there and I am a disabled vet (no, I am not missing anything) and I have lost my license behind it. So I have to depend on everyone else to get me to places. I am planning on taking a bus to San Diego and then go to the border and walk across and then take a bus to Cabo.I dont even know that that will work and now I have to worry about tickets TOO??!! Damn, things ARE getting out of hand huh??!! 2012 might just be a fact now huh??!! Well, if I DONT make it to your party....I WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY AND ENERGETIC BIRTHDAY AND ON NOV. 4TH, be thinking about mine....OK??Love your music and attitude!!! REDROCKER ROCKS!!!!!!

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I have yet to receive the e-mail as well ? I joined club 1013 a few years back and have received some e-mails including the Beta launch of this site, but I believe that was the last one. I'm getting a little nervous about these ticket sales as Jackie & I can only attend the show on the 8th. I guess I'll just keep checking in daily for updates.

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Have they released a date when the tickets will be on sale? We are coming down for the first time and arrive in Cabo on the 13th.... We won't be able to stand in line before the show, online purchase for us this year is needed.

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I got it at 1 am in the morning. I hope they get the glitched fixed soon!

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I've been a member of Club 1013 for 2 years and and have received the previous emails. Today's email was the only one I haven't gotten. Looks like a glitch to me...... Of course, the glitch could be on my side too. I 'll just watch the other posts. As long as I get my B-bash tickets, I'll be a happy guy.

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Oh I hope we can get tickets ahead of time... We booked our vacation around Sammy's birthday hoping we can come to at least one of his shows. We were there two years ago and waited in line but missed out by 5 people... ugh!! So will try again this year with the hope of getting them online.

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well Sammy, you asked! i think its kinda funny how you can have all this RedHead love and ummmm....... whatever. you know the old sayings, you can't please all the people all the time, opinions are like a**holes everyones got one, the list goes on and on.

really doesn't matter to me what you do. me and the mrs are gonna do whatever it takes to get where we want. legally and moraly of course. like i said before, on our first trip we started the line 2 days early to make sure we got in.

anyway, i thank you for asking our opinion, think you're a little crazy for asking but..... thanks for that and for just being Sammy. and thanks for being a human, a real person, someone just like us, who can change his mind, grow, learn, be pissed off, you know, a real person. thanks and keep on ROCKING and we'll keep on goin to see ya!!!!! and no we can't afford it either, but what can you do.

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I wouldn't worry too much about receivng\or not receivng the email since the information is posted on various boards on the net.

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There is no glitch. If you are not a member of Club 1013, you will not receive it. The email sent out was intended for Club 1013 members exclusively.

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Hey quiksilversurfer
The polo shirt wearing douche with silicone "Buffy" have already arrived......these were the same people I saw with my own eyes last year, arrive without a wrist band and suddenly with the pass of cash to CWC staff POOF the magic wrist band appears. For a minute there I thought David Copperfield was in town...LOL

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Thanks Bones! There must be some glitch in the Redmail delivery system. I have all my notifications on. I hope the webmaster is taking notice.

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Yes. I got it.

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I'm having problems getting my posts to actually post so here goes (again!) Anyway, I can't wait to go to the B-Day Bash, I hope me and my husband are lucky enough to get tix!! Without knowing about it, we already have our week booked in Cabo (we've always said "wouldn't it be great to see Sammy down here for his B-day?"). Sammy~you're great!! We've followed your music since Montrose, hell, I was listening to some old White Snake stuff and said, "that's Sammy's voice!" yeah yeah yeah, VH too. But we love love love Chickenfoot! Anyways, hope to see you!!

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I'm still waiting to get the email that Harleymomma posted. Thanks for posting it. Did everyone else get it??

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*edit* wrong info...

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Thanks Sammy for listening too the Majority! Am going to try and get into my standard 2 shows and am really happy about not having too do the sidewalk! As all of us Waborat veterans know, we made the sidewalk as much fun and a party as we could but if anyone really thinks that getting up from my comfortable hotel room and heading down too the sidewalk was great well I guess your a better RedHead than me! As always, Sammy, you had your fans in mind with the free tix and your showing us the same here with listening too us about possible Tix sales. Thanks for being the best and will see all my RedHead Friends on the 7th, Peace......

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NOT HAPPY about this 'New' ticket system.

I don't understand how people who've never even been to a Bash, think they know so much about what goes on down in Cabo.

I've haven't missed a show in Cabo in the last 5 yrs(done line time, bought dinner tix, even stood on the overflow line),and have gone out of my way to help 'newbies' get info, and tix. Sure the 'Old' way wasn't perfect, but it worked well, for a long time. Even with it's flaws, I was never stressed about tix.

This year I'm kinda worried. I mean sure, $220 may not seem like alot for 4 shows, but it is an added,unexpected expense. What about the couples that come down, now they're lookin' at an extra $440 tacked on to the trip.

Just hope it all works out...

bigdon's picture

I hear that bro....Miss Ya!!

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Are you kidding me? How can you have the on sale date on a Monday when most people are at work? How about a Saturday or Sunday sale date?

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Free for shows...I'm just ready to hang out with my peeps! See you all soon!


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Well said Tim!! I couldn't agree with you more. You can't put a price on friendship and fun. See ya in Tahoe!

Good luck to everyone on Monday. I think it will be easier than some people are saying to get tickets. Just have a little faith!

Rock on,

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*&$% ... I work on Monday!! Help, help, help - if anyone ends up with an extra, well, you know - I'd LOVE to buy one or two! I'm going to try to log on & buy tix, but Monday morning is my busiest shift of the week. Cheers & luck all!

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Airfare and hotel over 1k, Bash tickets $440, tee shirt $25, one beer at the Wabo $8, time with your RED friends - PRICELESS!

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GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ON MONDAY AUG 2ND. Now to explain to my boss on why I can't go to any of my Monday meetings. All times are PST!!

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Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Tickets October 8, 9, 11, and 13 2010

This is how the system will work:
Tickets will be sold through for $55 per ticket.
There will be a two ticket limit per person per show.
Tickets will be non refundable, non transferable and there are NO service charge fees. All sales are FINAL
We will accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
Purchased tickets will be available for pick up at the Cantina (2 pm to 10 pm) October 8, 9, 11 and 13th.
Tickets for each show will be available for pick up day of show only.
Ticket purchases will be made through a "PayPal" account similar to the current "On Stage" ticketing system.
You do not need a pay pal account to purchase a ticket, you can continue your purchase as a guest. Once you make a purchase you will receive a transaction ID number. You will want to keep this number for your records incase you have any issues. Your name MUST match the name on the purchasing credit card or pay pal account and you will be required to show proper photo ID to pick up your tickets (Drivers License or Passport). NO EXCEPTIONS

If it's your Birthday:

If your birthday on either October 8,9,11, or 13th. Simply show up to the Cantina after 2pm that day with your government issued ID (Drivers License or passport) and you will receive an entry bracelet for that day's show.

Dinner Shows
Dinner shows tickets sales will remain as in the past, they will be sold at the Cantina, first come first serve.
Dinner tickets will be sold at noon on the following dates:
October 7th for the Shows on the 8th and 9th
October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th
2 tickets per person, added security will be added to those in line so we will not allow anyone to hold places in line for friends.

The rest will remain the same and the party will be better that ever!
Doors for all shows will be at 7:00pm and show time will be approximately 9:30pm
All ticketing questions should be directed to

Tickets will go on sale Monday August 2, 2010. The schedule will be as follows, all times are PST
Tickets can be purchased at
October 8 show will be on sale at 10am
October 9 show will be on sale at 11am
October 11 show will be on sale at 12pm
October 13 show will be at 1pm

See ya in Cabo!