Birthday Bash Night 1 in Cabo Recap

October 10, 2017 by sammyhagar
Birthday Bash Night 1 in Cabo Recap
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First of all, I couldn’t sing a lick last night because I’m getting over a serious sore throat, but I’ve never seen so many fans both inside and out front of the Cantina.  Chad Kroeger sang 'Born on the Bayou'. Jerry Cantrell played and sang 'Man in the Box' and 'Rock ‘n’ Roll'.  It was the loudest audience I’ve ever heard in the Cantina singing along to every song trying to help me out!  We ended up pushing to an hour and a half show considering my voice  - I think we did pretty damn good.   Tomorrow night Eddie Money is here and Darryl McDaniels, Kenny Aronoff, Toby Keith and Vinnie Paul are on the way.  I’m feeling much better and have high hopes for tomorrow nights show and even higher hopes for the rest of the weekend! 

- Sammy

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Birthday Bash Night 1 in Cabo Recap
Sammy with Jerry Cantrell - Night 1 of Birthday Bash
Birthday Bash Night 1 in Cabo Recap
Sammy with Chad Kroeger - Night 1 of Birthday Bash

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NewportRocker's picture

The pictures look great! Can't wait to celebrate Saturday night! Hope you're felling better.

Shakakristine 808's picture

I'm hoping to get 2 tix for any night! Flew in from Kona Hawaii to see you my friend! Met Mark Nigbur from Maui at the Mai Tai festival a few years back. We partied it up and wished you were there! Rock on Sammy, you are the best. Do you remember losing your red Nike in 1982 in Eugene Oregon, to some sassy girls while you were playing on stage??? That was me! LOL I'm really bummed security found me and made me give it back to you HAPPY BIRTHDAY

djastal's picture

Heading to Cabo today for our honeymoon! Unfortunately we didn’t win tickets in the lottery-going to try our luck tomorrow morning & wait in line to try to buy tickets. We were married in April but wanted to wait to take our honeymoon in October to spend it in Cabo with Sammy celebrating his 70th bday!!! Praying we can get tickets!! We love you Sammy!! Happy Birthday!!!

Klynn24fan's picture

My husband and I are going to your birthday bash tonight! It’s our first time in Cabo and we’re loving it. After 16 years together, we just got married last week... we chose to come here for our honeymoon so we could celebrate your birthday, my 50th (October 21st is mine), and fulfill my husband’s top bucket list item