Birthday Bash for the History Books!

October 13, 2011 by sammyhagar
Birthday Bash for the History Books!
Super Jam!
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Tuesday night at the Cantina was another Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash jam for the history books! For those of you who missed the live stream, here’s the recap - we started out in high gear with a Los Tres Gusanos reunion and then moved into a Wabos set joined by Vinnie Paul, who killed some Van Hagar, followed by Brad Wilk, of Rage Against The Machine, who helped out on the Beastie Boys "Fight for the Right" with Guy Fieri on vocals. We ended the night on a high note with "The Assassin" Kenny Aronoff and a Zeppelin double shot!!! Thanks to all my friends and Redheads who joined me to make this such an awesome night!

I've heard great response from our quick & dirty live streaming of these birthday bash shows. This is the first time we have offered every show like this. What do you think, should we do it again next year? The photo above is what it looked like - not exactly high-def, but at least we've got it going out from Cabo!

I gotta run – we’ve got a big show tonight! Doing things a little different this year...we hope to live stream it again to share it with all you. We’ll keep you posted....


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 24 Redhead Comments

edwards097's picture

Awsome time... UP FRONT FANATICS..... We didn't score any tickets online this year but got lucky and scalped a pair of birthday show tickets from a local and wer fifth in line for dinner and then center stage front for the concert. We just happen to walk up to the cantina after a day on the beach only to get so lucky. It was our 5th time at the bash and it was awsome. I threw my detroit tigers hat on stage and mad anthony wore it for a while and that was cool.... great time... keep rocking sammy RED HEAD FOR LIFE.....

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Absolutely love Sammy and look forward to seeing as many shows as possible every October. My husband and I have been fortunate enough to catch 20+ of his shows in the past 9 years and have had the privilege of turning many of our friends and family onto Sammy's Mexican Meltdown/Birthday Bash. So please accept the following words as "comments", rather than criticism. This year's birthday bash (10/13/11) was quite a let down. While the concept of a street party was great, the way it was handled was very poor. Nobody received notice that they moved the show up 2+ hours and many people missed the entire show. Even with all the missing people, there were very few places you could actually see the band. We spent the entire evening listening to people complain about missing most of the show, not being able to see, not being able to get a drink, not being able to go to the bathroom... Fortunately, this was the first year we did not bring guests so we didn't have any 'splaining to do and, because we've had the TRUE experience many times before, we chalked it up to a "less than satisfactory" experience. In the future, I hope The Red Rocker Handlers will take all steps necessary to advise ticket purchasers prior to the party whether the show will be outside or inside and what time it will really start! All that having been said - can't wait 'til next year!

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i had a great time. been wanting to go on sammy's birthday for years., friends were going to celabrate ther anny, that week, so my wife and i went with them.cant belive how everything just fell in place for me. we went for the show on the 9th, got to make some new friends and at the end of the show sammy signed his book that i brought from Ca. for me, thanx sammy if u get to read this u said in you'r book u like to play small venues. please come to the antalope valley fair in .in august. it's right in the same area of you'r I CAN'T DRIVE 55 video. long live rock. J.T.

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Been going to Sammy's Birthday Bash (as many shows as we could tickets for) since 2003. Obviously, we LOVE the Red Rocker - and hate to complain - so consider these words "comments". The outside birthday party wasn't handled well. Nobody got emails, so nobody knew about the time change (2 hours+ early)! Fortunately, people plan to get there early so most didn't miss the entire show, but I spoke with many people who missed it all. People who didn't act like maniacs in front of their computers to get tickets in the 60 seconds they sold out had better "seats" than those of us who did (who have also stood in line year after year, night after night to see as many shows as possible). I kept hearing people say, "Sammy's a sell-out" and I know that's not true. He tried something new - and the concept was great. The execution just failed. We weren't as disappointed as we could be, as every year we bring new people to Cabo and turn them on to the Sammy experience. This year, we needed a vacation, sans guests so we were fortunate not to feel responsible for the comments from new-comers! I think Sammy should be happy to know the venue he created is a far better place to rock than outside the narrow streets of Cabo. It doesn't change how much we love Sammy, nor will it alter our plans to attend every show possible, for as long as he celebrates with us! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAMMY!!

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We once again had the opportunity to jam twice at your club with the Cabo Uno band. Good bunch of guys. We all had a great week. Over cocktails on the Friday night before we left we talked of packing it all in and moving to Cabo and open a place.

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Happy B Day Sammy. Belated

Had tickets to 3 shows this year but do to moms health we had to cancel. But on the good I
Side I got a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and named her CABO!!!!!!!!!!
we will be back next year (and maybe this year still).

Rock on brother.


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My wife Seanna and I were there for the 9th, 11th, & 13th shows. The 9th & 11th were awesome and I'm sure the 13th was awesome too. However we missed nearly the entire show on the 13th. We arrived during the singing of Happy Birthday. There was no effort to let people know you were starting at 7:00pm vs. 9:30ish like all the other shows. The guy at the front said "we sent out an email this morning" but I never got it. In the future maybe use your Facebook page to get out that kind of info. All in all we had a BLAST and will be back next year. Chicken Foot is much improved from the first album. Looking forward to catching you in South Carolina soon.
You're holding up like a champ Brother. Happy Birthday Sir.

Bill Meacham

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I am hoping to be there next year...gotta get there....BUT please do keep the streaming going as this was a special treat for those of us RedHeads that could not make it live!! Thank you for always thinking of your fans...even on your birthday! YOU ROCK SAMMY...such an awesome individual you are! Much respect and love for you and your music! Keep doin whatchur doin! PEACE

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foxyroxy's picture

Happy birthday Sammy...I remember EVERY YEAR!! You're amazing at 64 yrs got it goin ON BABY! PLEASR..WILL YOU MARRY ME?'s picture

GREAT SHOW...and Thank YOU SAMMY for rocking our world at 64..You are a beast..SEE you in Hollywood 11/2

brendaSTL's picture

LOVED the stream from Cabo last night!! Thanks SAMMY for sharing with the rest of us that couldn't make it to Cabo!

redrockertex's picture

I got a chance to watch live stream 10/13 and although the audio wasn't all that great the seen outside cabo wabo was freaking awesome and makes me want to go back even more...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

maryt088's picture

Yes please continue to do the LIve stream from Cabo. My husband and I enjoyed it so much!!! We watched 2 of them . Eventhough the quality is not 100 percent we still were able to enjoy it. We got to chat with many of our friends that we made in Cabo in previous years. Eventhough we were not there, the webcast provided us with another way to make it feel like we were there.

Happy Birthday!!!!

You ROCKED last night!!

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Sammy, thanks for the live stream - it was like being there with he Redhead family. As someone who may never make it to Cabo, we really appreciate it. You rock for allowing us to experience your Birthday Bash! Happy 64th Birthday! See you in STL for Chickenfoot! Kristy(STL)

RR125's picture

What time does the webcast begin and is there a special link I need for it?

grumpyrick's picture

I was there for the friday night show and it was one of the best concerts i've seen. Great show sammy thx for the live stream to the rest of the shows!

tugamuffin's picture

It's awesome that you are doing this! For someone who will probably never make it to Cabo (although it is a dream!) this is the only way I can experience it! Who cares that the video quality isn't the best. I can see, hear and share the experience! Awesome! Keep rockin on Sammy!

azure.s's picture

It's impossible to articulate how incredible these webcasts are to me! Your outside show tonight is really going to be special.

sharonw014's picture

Keep the streams coming, my hubby was able to watch while I was there in person! (I felt a little less guilty for going that way!) My friend and I saw two AWESOME shows.

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Sammy, the streams were incredible! Thank you so very much for making it possible for those of us that could not make the trip. You'll always be our hero, dude- you just keep giving us reasons why.

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Great show on Tuesday! Thanks for making my 40th BDay unforgettable! New memories with new friends... Can't wait to do it again next year. And Happy Birthday to you!!!


evilnut's picture

YES! Please stream the 2012 Birthday Bash too! I have watched the 2 you have shown so far & and waiting for the one tonight too! So grateful that you are streaming these for your fans. Even though the picture is not the greatest, I hook my netbook up to my big screen TV so we can all watch & listen. Any Sammy is better than no Sammy!

jimbo4345's picture

Rock on Sammy! The bash shows have been great! Sure the video isn't high def, but it is certainly clear enough to enjoy, and most importantly, the sound quality is top notch! Do it next year, absolutely, but it won't matter much to me, because my ass is joining you after a 2 year layoff!

Can't wait to see my 4th show of the 2011 Bash! Have a great time, and see you and the "Foot" in StL and Chicago!

Happy 10/13--Party like its your 21st!