The (Big) 'Foot, Shows, Giveaways... & Google+

August 10, 2011 by sammyhagar
The (Big) 'Foot, Shows, Giveaways... & Google+
Sammy and his digital devil
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Hey Sammy here,

It's been a litte while and I just wanted to check in with you all. As usual I've been going full speed. Lots going on with the Foot in preparation for our upcoming album drop and this past weekend we shot a music video for "Big Foot" - it's going to be awesome and I can't wait until you see it. I know you'll love it! Man Chickenfoot III is so slamming-- I wish we could release it today and already be out on the road playing it for you!

By the way, kudos to Sean Sailer for the tacos and margaritas at the video shoot. Woo!! Nothing better than Tacos and Cabo to set the mood.

Also, the Wabos and I have some really great shows coming up tonight in Atlantic City and this weekend with Kidd in Detroit. I'm pumped, can't believe I'm working this hard, but I love this shit.

I also recently hopped on the bandwagon and joined Google+. We had a impromptu hangout this past weekend - just to try it out - with a few Redheads that joined in on the video chat. I never thought I'd try all this new social media stuff - the devil (Luini - my digital guy) made me do it! It was fun we just might do it again.

Lastly, I'm giving away a boatload of tickets to my Ohio gig in September. I've been loving the feedback and can't wait to see more of your great videos.


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 19 Redhead Comments

Ladybug13's picture

Waiting for ya to get up here to Tahoe already!Me and my best buddy can't wait! I'm at all of your Tahoe shows and always look forward to them.We are a bit spoiled by you up here! I always enjoy Cabo after work and your son is a great guy (makes the best Waboritas!!!)I get a little spoiled by him as well lol.I know you are busy but i posted to you under my name and if ya get time can ya check it out.See ya SOOOON!!!!

Caboraybo's picture

Hey Sammy
Can't Wait To See You & The Wabos Here in Seattle In September
When chickenfoot Tours PLEASE Don't Forget About Us NW REDheads
Up Here.No Fire Marshall's Allowed At This One Ok ??

carlasap's picture

Hey Sammy,

Oct 13th concert sold out before I got my tickets. We are a group of 12 going to Cabo just for that. Can you help a sister out???

MikeSam5150's picture

Hey Sammy!!!!

My daughter and I are jacked your FINALLLLLY coming back to Columbus,Ohio. Last time we saw you here was for the QFM96 Birthday Bash in '06. You brought Cabo to Ohio. Samantha was almost 3 and sang alot of your songs. So....... 5 yrs later you're coming back. Buckeye Nation is waiting,your home away from home... Cause everything we do is ... RED!!!!

michstorm's picture

Sammy we were at the Comerica Park concert in Detroit, we came to see YOU and apparenty they would not let you come back out after the rain delay. A real bummer, come on back to the D and headline your own show. You have a huge fan base here. Hope to see you soon.

andym035's picture

Hey Sammy!!!

Not Sure if you will see this or not but THANK YOU for stopping in at the Beach Bar before the show in Atlantic City!!! I don't know of any other rock stars that would take the time to hang with the fans 3 hours BEFORE a concert! Totally cool and the fans really appreciate it. My respect for you has now gone completely through the roof!!! (Not that it wasn't there already!)

I got to meet you and get a photo with you which was AWESOME and completely unexpected that day! I know have photos with the 2 guys that infuenced me the most in my life: Sammy Hagar and Cal Ripken! Now THAT'S what Dreams are made of!


PS - Speaking of Dreams, thanks for adding that in at the end of the show...I always wanted to hear the acoustic version live and I never did at all the other shows near Philly until that night! I used to sing it to my daughter (Marissa) when she was born to rock her to sleep. Now she is 4 and she loves the song!

dutcher4's picture

Sammy, I'm so ready to rock with you and Kid tonight at Comerica! I've been a fan since the early Montrose days. I know you'll bring the house down. Can't wait!

scs5150's picture

btw they spelled my last name wrong! HAHA!! It's Saylor.

scs5150's picture

You're welcome Sammy! Thanks for letting me be a groupie and hang out with you guys!

juliev006's picture

Hey Sammy, cant wait for your B-day Bash in Cabo this year.I hope you have Toby as one of your guests so I can see both my favorite guys together on one stage!!! That would be awesome!! Julie

Gary Gauvin's picture

Need Advice for Birtday Bash Tiks for the 7th. My nephew recently came back from Iraq-first tour of duty-and got married. Since they never had time or the money for a honeymoon, I suggested they save up and go to Cabo with us (fourth year in a row) for your Birthday Bash. They are totally thrilled and excited! We have already booked our air and need to try to get tiks for 9 of us for the show on the 7th. Is the best way to wait in line for dinner show tiks? I want this to be the best time of all for my nephew and his new bride!!! They have been through so much! Thanks in Advance for any help you can provide

302_Boss_Chick's picture

Well it figures, I move to the west coast to try and see more of your shows, and NOW you're playing the hell outta the east coast!! I wish I could could catch you and Joe in September here in Napa Valley, just up the road from me!! Well, have a great summer, SO cannot wait for CF III to drop. I'm already rockin' the hell outta the new single. Love ya Sammy!!

~Stef ♥

slknox's picture

Hope to see you in Birmingham this weekend. Kidd ain't no Aerosmith but we'll be at the Friday Comerica show to see YOU and the WABOS!!! Rock it this weekend Sam! BTW, loved the book. - Steve Knox's picture

FYI, KROCK in Lake Havasu City, AZ is saying that Michael Anthony said that Chickenfoot would open for VH. Someone please call them and straighten that out. That will never happen! Where do they get this shit.

Aussiegirl's picture

Hello Sammy (My No. 1 Man)

I have a question for you....When are you coming downunder to Australia to do some shows? We want you here no we NEED you here....

Love Me xx

timothiefielder's picture

Hey Sammy,
Hoping to maybe meet ya when we come over to USA from Australia for our honeymoon. We'll be checkin out CABO WABO Las Vegas and a couple of your Beach Bar & Grills!!

Keep the news comin man!!

P.S I imported the book and RED it in two days!! AWESOME!!!

azure.s's picture

It's sweet to hear from you.

adv4ever's picture

Thanks Sammy! I can't wait to see you & The Wabo's in Puyallup, WA next month! I will be on stage with ya! First time on stage for me and I am SO STOKED! When does the new Foot album get released? Can't wait!!!!



johnnybeane's picture

Missed u guys on Google+.
Hope to catch ya next time!
Keep on rockin!!