Balance's 21st Anniversary Today

January 24, 2016 by sammyhagar
Balance's 21st Anniversary Today

Although it is mixed with both dark and light, I am very proud of this album — the last great Van Halen record of all original material to hit #1!


Today marks the 21st anniversary of the release of Van Halen's #1 album "Balance". Sammy shares some personal history around the album and that time. - Webmaster

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One of the best Van Halen albums of all time - my favorite of all with Sammy - you deserve all you have and then some Sammy!!

You are an incredible human being - so kind - so genuine and most of all so generous. One of the best live shows in decades saw you in Edmonton and then Toronto at the Amphitheater.

I cant agree more with Sean - you have the best voice in the business - cant wait to see what's next!!

Much Peace and Love from your Canadian family.

See you in Cabo 2016

Chef Cabo

cabowaborat's picture

My favorite Van Hagar Album. Creatively and musically the best of the four by far. Was hoping for a fifth follow up Album, when I heard the devastating news the band broke up. Caught you in Worcester, Mass at the beginning of the reunion tour, then again months later in Atlantic City and by that time I could see why you didn't enjoy it Sammy. eVh was a mess. I knew then we would have to appreciate the four you guys put out cause there would never be a fifth.

Favorite Tracks
Deja Vu
Seventh Seal

Least Favorite Track
Big Fat Money

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Unbelievable album the recording sounded amazing. The songs Seventh Seal and Amsterdam I still play pretty much once every two or three days. Sammy's voice on this album, as usual, is incredible. I saw this tour, sold out two nights in Toronto and then again a month or so later in Buffalo. I wish Eddie and Sammy could give us another album like this one. Come on Sammy, give Eddie a call. Thanks for all the music Sammy, in my opinion, you have the best rock 'n roll voice in history.