36 Year "Street Machine" Anniversary!

September 02, 2015 by sammyhagar
36 Year "Street Machine" Anniversary!
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Aaah Street machine. Yes 36 years ago and I'm still a motorhead from hell - still love them cars, still singing about 'em, driving 'em, buying them ha!

That was also the first solo album I produced myself. Bill the Electric Church on bass, Gary Pihl on guitar, and the late Chuck Ruff on drums. Chuck came up with the coolest drumbeat ever on Trans Am. I remember I thought it was played backwards, but he knew where the "one" was - Ha.

Looking at this cover, that was really my car and really my license plate that said "IEATZ28" got me in a lot of trouble on the highway with them Chevy owners. Bill Church being one of them. Almost all the guitar work on this record was done live with Gary and I playing at the same time and exchanging solos like on Trans Am, etc. Fun record still sounds good today. Plain Jane all-time classic!


PS how can this record be 36 years old and I'm only 40 LOL.

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36 Year "Street Machine" Anniversary!

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GraysonT's picture

When this album came out, I had a paper route and Westwood One was playing a Sammy concert from St. Louis, was listening on a transistor radio and a cheap earphone. When Trans Am was played, I was blown away. Still one of my all time favorite songs and would love to see The Circle play it on tour.

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In KC with Ted Nuggent. I was a teenager as well and lived in Kansas City @ the time. What a great show that was back in the day.

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Forgot to mention I still have that album on cassett. LOL Were only getting younger together!

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Plain Jane all time classic. Gee I can't remember when the last time was I hurd you play it in concert. I know it hasn't been @ any of the shows I've been @ in the last three years because I love that song and you never play it.

randyd 61's picture

Yes !!! My first hagar album !!! picked it up that fall after, I seen Sammy that summer in KC with Ted Nuggent ! Then seen the Street Machine tour that Thanksgiving eve with the Scorpions and the Hounds !!! Have been a big fan every since!!! Even got Sammy to autograh it for me a couple of years ago!!!!! It was a very inpresable album for a 17 year old rocker (child to man !!!!)

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My first Sammy show was the Street Machine tour. New Years Eve at the Seattle Center Coliseum with Loverboy and The Rockets. Kick ass show and album.

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...she falls somewhere inbetween, Levis and Vogue magazine..

Pdibella's picture

My first car was a Z28... but I still loved the song and the license plate!!! You and your work is timeless... Long live Rock & Roll...