23rd Birthday of Cabo Wabo!

April 22, 2013 by sammyhagar
23rd Birthday of Cabo Wabo!
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Today is the 23rd b-day of Cabo Wabo wow I can't believe it. I wanna thank the red heads from around the world for the success of the Wabo it's all your doing. This is far beyond a dream I had and much more than a business to me. It's become a way of life for me/us. I can't wait for the b-day bash to celebrate with ya. Or we can do it in Tahoe -- 9 yrs. wow!! Get ready red heads we got some partying to do. Eeeeeeha!! Muchas gracias. Sammy

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Cabocrazy6's picture

Sammy .. will be there during your show in Cabo October 2013 .. How can I get tickets ???

Spueman's picture

I was there for the grand opening with Sammy, Ted, Toby kieth and the Wabos. I'll never forget that weekend. I will be there the 3rd and 4th to relive the good times. We love you Sammy. You make us feel like standing on top of the world.

robertc016's picture

Happy B-day Cabo Wabo, can't wait for Tahoe shows have been to Tahoe shows all nine years... By the way, I have one ticket for Friday and Saturday at face value, anyone who needs one let me know...


69nurse's picture

I'm sure you get a ton of these requests. My girl has been to Cabo multiple times, she missed last years party with Kenny Chesney (which just about killed her). I partied with you at a Van Halen concert in the late 80's and want a chance to see you rock out again. She's got a birthday this Oct. 4th and really wants to celebrate it with you as do I. Pleading? No way, I don't roll that way. We'll be in Cabo from Oct. 5 thru 12th. Hook us up with some birthday bling! The other Redheads are awesome and will understand this request, I need the tickets for her birthday.

lleafs64's picture

I was there for 2 nights last week...Cabo Uno is fantastic....loved it and can't wait to go bck

Tinkkermel@yahoo.com's picture

Sammy I am a two time cancer survivor...I was able to go to your cabo bash a year after my first bought with treatment....coldn't go afterwards because I was diagnosed again but now , after a year and a half...I am all cleared to go! Just booked our Cabo trip from Oct 3-11, so hopefully we get tix to one of your bash's because that was and always will be on my bucket list!
Melissa Capuano (age 38)

Jana the RedHead's picture

Hey Sammy, Congratulations on Cabo Wabo's birthday! Wow, how time flies. I just joined your Red Head club, & I am a true redhead! I've been a fan since I was in high school, & you were the Red Rocker. I saw you at the Texas Jam, remember that? So, long ago! Any chance you may be heading to Dallas or Winstar? I would love to see you again. There's nothing like seeing Sammy Live! Hope to see you soon, & I love how you love Red Heads!!!! Jana

Laneelee's picture

Sammy!! I will be joining the Redheads in Tahoe next weekend (my FOURTH Tahoe Redhead weekend!), but this time one of my dearest friends is flying in to join me as we celebrate our 50th birthdays! Your concert was the first one we saw together when we were 18 years old, so this is a very special weekend for us. It would be a huge honor and the BEST present if we could have a birthday picture with you! I'm sure everyone wants their moment with Sammy, but if this it at all possible, how could we arrange it?

kopfly88's picture

Hey Sammy on your Tahoe Birthday bash please rock to Don't Tell Me, What Love Can Do.

tucker's picture

hi to all my US cousins...yeah its tucker from england.it's St Georges day in England today, 23rd april.It is our patron saints day.i have been out to the pub and had a few beers.I wish i could be over to see you all in the states and sink a few Mass tequilas at Cabo Wabo and give SAMMY and his mates a high 5 or 3 haha.God bless you all cya soon xxx
Sammy if you can read this text me back ok mate

CaboWaboGuy's picture

Hey Sammy, Did you forget? The real birthday date is April 21st! The Mtv deal was the 22nd but you & the boys decided that for the real fans who came down, you would do a surprize special show the night before!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

Blaze's picture

Well Sammy all I have to say is. No Sir, Thank You. We're all on this Redhead ride together, And it's a great ride. But there is one common thread that holds us all together. And I'm not talking about the friends and memories that we have had and made along the way. I'm talking about YOU Sammy. You are the Red Rocker that is at the head of the table for this Redhead Family get together. And for that I just wanted to say, Thanks for the ride Sammy!!!

FDIC 2013
Mas Tequila my Friend
see ya in Cabo
Later Jeff