2010 Birthday Bash Update

July 16, 2010 by sammyhagar
2010 Birthday Bash Update
Photo Credit: Alan M. Poulin


Thank you for the overwhelming response to the Birthday Bash question. Most of you want us to presell tickets. I'd say 3 or 4 to 1. It was gratifying so many of you talked about how many times you have come down to Cabo but what was equally interesting was the fans that said they have never come to Cabo because they couldn't be sure they would get in. If selling tickets will let someone have the experience for the first time, you know I'm down for that. There were lots of good ideas that you offered, and we are going through them all to find the best way to move forward. If you haven't sent your opinion, it's not too late but the pattern is so obvious that I think I know what we have to do. Next week we will tell you the details of the plan that we are working on now.


Webmasters note: You can still send us your ideas. Please submit ideas to bdaybash@redrocker.com

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 53 Redhead Comments

Redlover's picture

I just know that whatever you all decide to do it's gonna be for the best for everybody!!!

Thanks for being the most awesome rocker on the planet and listening to the people and caring about us so much Sammy!!!

It ain't rockin' unless it's RED~ROCKIN'!!!

~JA~ <---will get my butt back down there again somehow, someway, someday and when I do, I KNOW it's gonna be fantastic!!!

RIRedrocker's picture

Cool, thanks for listening Sammy. Look forward to hearing the details!

postalboy's picture

I still think tickets should be handled the way they have always been handled. See ya in October !!