2010 Birthday Bash Update

July 16, 2010 by sammyhagar
2010 Birthday Bash Update
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Thank you for the overwhelming response to the Birthday Bash question. Most of you want us to presell tickets. I'd say 3 or 4 to 1. It was gratifying so many of you talked about how many times you have come down to Cabo but what was equally interesting was the fans that said they have never come to Cabo because they couldn't be sure they would get in. If selling tickets will let someone have the experience for the first time, you know I'm down for that. There were lots of good ideas that you offered, and we are going through them all to find the best way to move forward. If you haven't sent your opinion, it's not too late but the pattern is so obvious that I think I know what we have to do. Next week we will tell you the details of the plan that we are working on now.


Webmasters note: You can still send us your ideas. Please submit ideas to bdaybash@redrocker.com

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first time to Cabo first time to birthday bash!

disappointed cause i just found out about the ticket sales yesterday. My husband and i planned this trip last year, i got resort paid, airline tickets, passports, must do's & don'ts, reviewed about every website about cabo and bash so i pretty much knew between what dates your bash would be held on so i booked a week stay from oct. 7 -14 so i knew i would get in for at least one show....finally sometime in july i got your dates then never bother looking at website again. I had it all in control and we were just waiting for oct. 7 to come along but then a friends comes by last night & ask if i got tickets yet - WHAT TICKETS!? quickly go online and boohoo, SOL, dam me for not bothering going online again, dam me dam me dam me! little did i know this was going on!! ARGH!!! Cabo will still be a blast but YOU were the reason for this trip and now we wont be able to make your birthday bash. i am extremely heart broken!!!
is there any way your gonna be selling any more tickets? This is our first trip down there!! what do you advice my husband and i to do! We are HUGE fans of yours and love ya, cant imagine going and NOT being able to see ya!!!
A Very Sad TExas girl :(

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Since I have already bought my plane ticket to Cabo...I will try to buy show tickets....but with only 250 tickets for sale that will be hard. I will do my best to get at least tickets to the 10-13 show....


If "the line" ceases to exist, I'll be sad. I've met a lot of very cool people in that line. I understand there are problems with the line and there is an upside to paying for a room in Cabo and actually sleeping in the bed rather than on the sidewalk. . . .but $55 Sammy? That would add up to another $500 per couple if they wanted to see each show of the week (which we have usually done every year ). As it is we are already bringing hundreds of $$ worth of donations to Amigos de Los Ninos every year on top the Bash expenses . . .
We easily spend $50 plus on cocktails once inside the cantina for each show . . .sometimes a lot more . . .so how's about some kind of trade off . . hows about 4 free drink tokens with each ticket? I'll spend the $$ on the tix, they get distributed in a safer - saner way , and the loyal fan doesn't feel that kick in the onions quite so much.

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New to the site - old Sammy fan - I keep checking this site everyday for more updates. Love reading everyone's comments on here they are great. I am going to Cabo for my first time and planned the trip because of the Birthday Bash - it's been on my bucket list and I am now gonna make it happen. YooHoo...If I can get tickets before hand that would be awesome, if not I guess I will be sleeping on the streets. I would be really diappointed if I got down to Cabo and ended up not getting to see at least one of the shows. That would suck!!!

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Been thinking about the ticket prices and think I am all right with the $55 and here is why! If they sold them for $20/show then people would buy them THINKING they may go to Cabo, this way it weeds those out that are just THINKING about going. Hell I'm already spending a good chunk getting there so what's another hundred bucks? just my thoughts on this boring Friday afternoon!!

RIRedrocker's picture

Tickets have not gone on sale yet. We don't even know the selling process yet. The email said and I quote...

" 500 tickets per show sold through the web site directly to you. No
Ticketmaster bullshit. "
"Redrocker.com on sale date will be announced soon"

So I'd keep an eye here for details soon.


bigdon's picture

Where is the info about Tix sales for the B-day Bash???

Why hasn't anything concrete been posted HERE on this website???

I'm not a 1013 member, does that mean I'm outta luck for Bash TIX???

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I've been attending the bash every year but three since 1994. Missed 2001and decided to do New Years 2008 and 2009 instead. This year I'm going back to the bash. I should own stock in the CWC! I think the price is a bit much too, but will do what I have to, as most of us will. I just think that the powers that be need to remember that this is our hard earned vacation we are talking about here. Remember, we are in a recession. Not only would we be spending $55 a ticket, but just think how much more we spend once inside on those tasty "55" drinks!!! Maybe a free drink ticket or two could be thrown in there for that price. My birthday is 10/27 and that is the reason I go as well to celebrate my birthday too. How about all October babies getting in free? HA! Just thought I would throw that in there.

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I've been attending the bash every year but three since 1994. Missed 2001and decided to do New Years 2008 and 2009 instead. This year I'm going back to the bash. I should own stock in the CWC! I think the price is a bit much too, but will do what I have to, as most of us will. I just think that the powers that be need to remember that this is our hard earned vacation we are talking about here. Remember, we are in a recession. Not only would we be spending $55 a ticket, but just think how much more we spend once inside on those tasty "55" drinks!!! Maybe a free drink ticket or two could be thrown in there for that price. My birthday is 10/27 and that is the reason I go as well to celebrate my birthday too. How about all October babies getting in free? HA! Just thought I would throw that in there.

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I guess I missed the email too - and I gather tickets are onsale right now? How do I get on the email list and get a ticket link? Thanks - and see you at the OC Fair Sammy! Any chance you'll be joining Aerosmith in Vancouver in September??

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I think $55 is just fine. Sammy's just exercising a little supply and demand theory. This will allow some of the people who wouldn't otherwise go to Cabo for the shows an opportunity to get tickets. And all of us 1013 members get first crack at tickets.

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How did you find this out? I've been on and off the site for almost over month now, and reading every automated email I get and have not seen this. Can you help me?

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Ok, not only did I not get an email about tickets going on sale I haven't seen where the dollar amount or the sale dates are showing up on the site. We already have hotel and airfare for 6 of us to come out for our "virgin" Birthday Bash. Would really like to know if I'm sleeping in the streets or buying tickets in advance. REALLY looking forward to at least one of the shows!

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Any idea how/when the ticket sales will be announced ? Due to a wedding we are only down 10/2-10/9 this year, so we will only be able to attend the Frdiay 10/08 show. I guess we may still end up on the sidewalk Thursday night. See you in Cabo !

Harleymomma08's picture

Hey Sammy, why didn't you use $10.13 for the price for the tickets??? That would have been more affordable. I will have to start saving more money....Cabo here I come - hopefully with tickets in hand??

vincentm052's picture

Bad news $55 No good.Why so much this was just to organize the wristband policy not to pocket a bunch of cash for your shows.Sammy get your head out of the sun and take a look at what is being done to your loyal fans.I do not believe this is Sammys idea and needs to step in here.This is as bad as getting rid of the Blue bottle.

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Hmmm....my fear is that tickets will be gone very quickly, not giving everyone a fair shot at them. Also, kinda steep pricing, which means most people will not be able to attend more than one show, especially since it costs a ton of money to get down to Cabo in the first place (at least for those of us who live in the eastern states). I think I'm somewhat disappointed with this decision.

ktanton's picture

I see posts about tickets being sold on the web site - is this rumor or fact?? Can't wait to see Sammy in 2 weeks in the Woodlands baby and then it's Cabo here I come!!!

Anxiously awaiting in Austin..

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Although I'm a Redhead, I didn't get the email on tix :-(. Anyone have any idea as to why? Been to the Bday Bash several times already with pix and video to prove it! Don't want to miss out this year!


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Sammy , I am leaving town on7-23 and returning 7-25. I will not be able to get tickets on those days. I will be in cabo on oct. 10 and 11th. I really need 2 tickets to one of your shows on the 10th or 11th.I am from Amarillo and I remember you came thru town. Only around 1500 people showed up and you played like you sold out texas stadium. You were great. I have told my girlfriend this story she is sick of hearing it.Now i would love to show here what Im talking about.I need tickets Sammy, See you in cabo. Thanks Dean

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Just in!! Sammy is selling 500 tickets for 55.00 each for all 4 shows in Cabo! There still will be tickets available for any sidewalk sleepers and security will be available!! Now just need the day they go on sale!!

ctcabo's picture

AMEN brother Don! You know me, I always end up on the streets! However it is decided to distribute tickets...we'll see you there!

blondiepa's picture

We have not come to the Birthday Bash due to not wanting to spend soo much money with no guarantee that we will get to see the show. I’m not going to stand in line over night or sleep in the street. I have had friends go and spent a lot of money and were very disappointed when they couldn’t get in. Although if I had a ticket to go…I would have already booked my reservations. Make them so that the name on the ticket must match Photo ID so people cant buy 10 and resell.

87-gn's picture

I think the key here is limit the number of tickets per person, have a verification at the CWC to redeem and keep it out of the fee infested Ticketmasters of the world so it's reasonable.....what's wrong with that basic logic??

Tina Mazzaratti's picture

Hey Sammy,

I have a idea that just may work for your Birthday Bash! Why not have a outdoor venue set up like in Tahoe with a intimate Cabo setting? This way you can fit more of your fans for this show! Paying for this show should never be a problem for those who love and support live music! You could alway donate some too if that makes people feel better! I so love Cabo, it's one of my favorite places! I'm sad to say that I miss your Birthday Bash every year because of work! People who have the privilege to make your Birthday should so enjoy and appreiate you and your family for sharing your special day! I hope this idea helps!

Keep Rockin The Bay!
Tina Mazzaratti

bigdon's picture

It's Not Broken Don't try to 'fix' it.....

This years Bash will be my 6th trip to Cabo in 5 years to see Sammy, and my REDhead family.

Thankfully, I've never missed a show. I've slept on the street, partied all nite, bought dinner tix, even waited on the over-flow line to get in. But, still never missed a show...AND managed to enjoy all the other fun things Cabo has to offer.

The idea of changing things up this year really has me worried about getting tix.

I'll be there no matter what, just hope this all works out...

DawnSTL's picture

It's always been easier to get a free wristband in Cabo than a paid for ticket in St. Louis. The past 4 years I've been at every show that week in Cabo for free w/ no issues...So now you will probably have the same issues you had here in STL in Cabo. We will see I guess...

DawnSTL's picture

So now the Bday bash tickets aren't free? Sammy really wants us to start paying for his Bday bash tickets? I don't believe that, will Sammy make a verbal announcement please? Goodbye to how cool it is that Sammy does shows in Cabo for free the week of his birthday...Really?? Wow! I never thought we'd pay for Sammys Bday bash week, I'm really shocked, in this economy you're lucky if you even get to go to Cabo so I'm not so sure this is the year to start charging and you know all redheads want to be at every show as Sammy hardly ever plays the same song twice that week and all the shows are so awesome. So how much extra money do we need to bring this year to Mexico?? RIP free wristbands...you will be missed :(

toddg056's picture

I've got to admit that some of our finest memories of our Cabo vacations over the past 11 years have come from the ticket line itself. Meeting so many of you redheads from all over the US, Europe and of course TEXAS !! On the other hand the line has accounted for quite a few very long nights and long mornings ending in attempts by security to be thrown out at the last minute, or only to find out you were 3-6 people away from getting dinner tickets and in a few cases wristbands. I think the pre sale idea is worth a try for at least a few shows as long as they keep the purchase limited to 2 tickets per person and require I.D. at time of pick-up and prior to entering the Cantina for that nights show. No matter what is decided Jackie & I will see you all in October. Either on the street, or in the shows.

amyg074's picture

Love the idea of Redheads having the first shot at the tickets. We have never made the trip, simply because of not knowing if we could get in. I was supposed to meet Sammy a few weeks ago in St. Louis for my 40th b-day and got screwed by a ticket broker! A trip to Cabo in October would more than make up for what happened to us July 1!!!

1WA2ROK's picture

As a longtime fan and birthday bash veteran, I wish things would stay the same! Every year I get out of my bed at the resort to get in line for FREE Wristbands by at least 7am and I have always gotten into the shows. I want to personally thank you Sammy for creating what is a truly great experience,and I mean all of it. The waiting in line, the MUSIC and PARTYING with other REDHEADS who are there for the same reason. I know getting up early on vacation isn't my favorite thing, but the BASH is the reason that I travel to CABO in OCT., so I consider the LINE just part of the experience. I fear that the PRESALE TICKETS will just encourage scalping and RUIN what I condsider to be one of the coolest experiences in life. How many years has the same program worked? IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T TRY AND FIX IT!
Just my .02

robertp076's picture

This is great news! I see Sammy every year in Tahoe (for $100 per ticket), and almost every other show in Northern California. I've managed to see him four times in Cabo, but waiting in line and giving up virtually an entire day in Mexico kind of sucks. I would much rather pay through the nose and know for sure I'm going to see at least one show. Some of us don't get two weeks vacation per year, and can only go down for a couple days. It's nice to enjoy all that Baja offers, not just a few hours in the Cabo Wabo.

Thanks Sammy and see you in October!

scottp093's picture

Thank you for the update !!!!! This website is SO AWSOME !!!!!
Scott in STL

302_Boss_Chick's picture

I better start saving for next year.

I played 1013 for tonight's lottery, I'll let you know how that turns out.

♥ you!!!!


ktanton's picture

AWESOME NEWS - Just about to book my trip for my first experience at the Birthday Bash (been trying to make it for years)and so glad to hear I might actually have a chance to get my tickets before I leave Texas. I'll stand in line for as long it would take to get into one of Sammy's B-Day Bash's but man if I can get advanced tickets that would ROCK!!!

Anxiously waiting from Austin...

Iowa-Doug's picture

Well put Rob, I like the idea of the Redhead Nation getting first shot at tix... As far as scalpers and ticketbastard, arent they kinda 1 and the same???

Oh yeah, before I go... HAPPY belated Birthday Rob...

Cabo Rob's picture

Well done Sammy,

At least now we won't have to put up with the bullshit in the line with the jumpers and payed off locals. The sidewalk has been fun for most of us and I believe that with a new system that the party will be better than ever! We can still party out front and come and go as we please. Cabo Rob will be there to make damn sure the party is rockin.

One more thing Sammy and its the most important of all:

PLEEEEEEEEEEZZZZE make sure that the TRUE REDHEADS like most of them on this site have access to tickets exclusively and first. We don't want this new deal to be f'ed up by scalpers and Ticketbastard...their both the same in my book. As I said in my original response, sell 75-80% of the tickets for each show to us (Redhead Nation) and then sell the remaining 20-25% the day of the show at the Cantina just like in the past. This way everybody has a shot if they miss out on the online sale. NO ONE can bitch about a thing then right? Thats what I'm talkin bout.

I'll have my shot chilled. Peace.

Cabo Rob

red9hagar's picture

Concerned we won't get tickets, if it's anything like TicketMaster, we're screwed. With the old system, at least we knew we could get in most nights. And we'll miss all our redhead buddies in line......but we'll be in Cabo and give it a try. Suggestion: add one "surprise" show the old way just in case.

Iowa-Doug's picture

So much for TRADITION... I think 40-50 bucks per ticket might be a bit steep, BUT, I guess you will WEED OUT the NON SERIOUS Redheads this way...
Looks like I better hit the boss up for a lot of extra hours between now and when tickets go on sale. Guessin' it will take a SMALL (?) fortune to see the shows this year...

patrickv005's picture

I had stated earlier to leave it alone, but after reading many posts, I'm good with buying tickets. Most people are in Cabo to see a good show, and have a great vacation. I'll be there on the 13th. I just hope that the ticket sales are handled in a fair manner.

It's pretty sure that there will be some pissed off people this year because of the changes, but there's always been disappointed people who didn't get tickets in the past. If they can make it so scalping is nearly eliminated, most everybody who wants to see a show will get a ticket.

Thanks Sammy and staff for the opportunity for us to help make this decision. It says you really care about your fans and that makes the Redhead nation really special.

faithh021's picture

Thanks for listening Sammy. Not knowing if I could get a ticket to get in is one reason I have never made the trip. I am unable to sleep in the streets to due a painful condition so this would be great. Now I know I will make the trip.

Thanks for thinking of all your fans.
Love Ya

scottie04's picture

I think that's fair, can't wait to get down there and know i am getting into the show... We have to watch out for those damn scalpers though... I'd never sell my ticket, but some people would for A LOT more than they paid for it... Hate that.

KLRed's picture

Hi Sammy,
This is great news! I'm looking forward to attending my first birthday bash. If I attend one show my DREAM will be fulfilled.

geordieh024's picture

The Birthday Bash is a special event. Everyone should have a chance to experience it. I've gone the last 4 years and have seen plenty of fans with 4 or 5 wristbands. That's great they are loyal fans and do what they need to do to hit all the shows but how about letting everyone who wants to see a show get a ticket. I think it's a great idea to get rid of waiting outside, and if the tickets will cost now, how about a portion of the sales going to that children's charity that is always soliciting donations? They seem legit, it's a good cause to help the kids in Mexico, and maybe everyone will get a chance to see a live show at Cabo Wabo this way. You don't need to go to every show, the booze cruise, the after hours party, the beach party, and every other event to show you're a true Redhead.

craigt085's picture

Great News Sammy! Thanks for listening! Like I've said before, been coming since 94 and am truly addicted! Don't know what your going too do, but if possible too somehow make tix available too the members first that are coming down for sure, that would be cool! Your not going too please everyone but this is the best decision. The only real reason we come too Cabo in Oct. is too try and get into your shows otherwise you could go too Cabo anytime, It's Fucking Beautiful down there! But by doing this if it means we only get into one show then so be it, does not mean I'm any less of a REDHEAD FANATIC! I know some people come down strictly for your shows and live on the sidewalk and they are going too be disappointed but they'll get over it! Sammy and RedHeads and now Chickenfoot for life! Thanks again for listening too a majority of your fans! P.S. My idea is 40 to 50 bucks for a pair of tix, all going too Cabo Charities, Thats more than fair! Peace brother!!!!

RedVoodoo's picture

Great news and great decision... can't wait to see the details!

ShortMort's picture

Great News!!!!

cabobrian's picture

How about using this web site for some tickets? Someone already suggested that, and so far it wouldn't be that many. For the shows that I can make there are 102 people going on the 9th, 110 on the 10th, and 106 on the 13th. Send two to each one and if you want to stand in line, great. Oh, and by the way, keep it free.

Ed Violick's picture

This is a huge mistake! Tix are gonna be gone in seconds. Hopefully I can get thru for at least one show. Will be the first year I don't get to see every show. Very disappointed with ticket sales advocates.