2010 Birthday Bash

July 08, 2010 by sammyhagar
2010 Birthday Bash
2009 Birthday Bash

The Wabos and I just played St Louis and had a blast. A number of Redheads there asked about the rumors that the Birthday Bash is changing this year. It is amazing how a conversation can become a rumor. I have already heard a lot of opinions and now I want to ask for your opinion too.

There seem to be several ideas that I'm hearing. One is just leave it alone! Two is sell tickets, enough with sleeping on the street in the rain. Been there, done that. Three is a combination of those with sell some, a limited number of free for waiting in line so you can get a ticket if the night is "sold out" already. I'm not sure how that would work. The fans I've talked to are very adamant about buying tickets so they can come to Cabo and know they will get into the Cantina. I understand that going all that way and not getting in must be frustrating. But it has worked as is for so long I hate to change what has become tradition.

So, tell me what you think and email your ideas to bdaybash@redrocker.com. Whatever happens, I want you there with me as long as we keep doing the Bash.


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So I guess Sammy is selling tickets this year. Just waiting on the day they go on sale!!

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After reading the comments I have to say there are some great ideas out there. Every year they, Sammy and the Cabo Wabo mgt, ask for ideas. They know that the current system sucks. Every year I say I will never do that again, guess what? I still do it. Tropical storm last year, hurricane the previous, exteme heat, ect. I would love to ask for a wrist band for the last three shows and recieve them before I even get on a plane. But I doubt that will happen.
Last year was cool when security booted some locals from the line, but they didn't boot them all. Plus they let the lady next door to the cantina hold five places with her chairs. 10 people got wrist bands for the show on the 12th and weren't even there an hour total. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my 14 hours in the tropical storm and met some great people, but I truly think with out some changes this year (my 10th) will be my last waiting in line.
Please do something.

BarkAtTheMoon's picture

Your "I'm in" count may not be very accurate. I, for one, have 19 people coming to Cabo with me this year. Not all of them are registered RedHeads. (still fans, just not on this site)

We have a 40th birthday and a 5th wedding anniversary in the gang that week, and there are folks coming down to party with us for the week. Some are rookies, and will experience the "party in the street" for the first time. Remember your first time? I remember mine.

My picture shows us waiting for wristbands with a HUGE margarita pool we made with a whole bottle of Wabo. People came from the front of the line just to drink from the Wabo-rita. Girls showed us their "religion" just to get face-down in the pool. Sammy & his film crew even saw us and stopped to shot video of our party for the Road to Cabo! That's an experience I'll never forget, and would love for every "Red Rookie" to have.

This year, the gang will be bigger. The party more fun. The Wabo-rita will have 2 bottles of tequila. The acoustic guitar stummin' out some tunes on the street. Good times.

Tradition...it means something. A little sacrifice to see a great show...worth it! If Sammy can still kick-azz at 60+ years old... I can handle 1 night/day of a line to see him kick said azz.

Tickets for 2 to a Sammy show = $55?
Hotel, airfare, food & drink for a week = $3500
The time of your life with friends and fans = Priceless!

F A C E D O W N!

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Planning my first trip to the Birthday Bash and had no clue I would have trouble getting in to all 3 shows. I want to spend my vacation with Sammy at the Cantina....please give a new comer advise on how to get in - I really dont want to sleep on the streets when I will have a beautiful hotel room on the beach.

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I like "Cabo Wabo Guy"s idea. Id and credit card must match at the door. I have always wanted to go to the bday bash but didn't feel like waiting in line for a "chance" to get in. We go to Cabo once or twice a year and it would be nice to finally be able to get tickets for a bday bash show.

Oh, one more idea............make it so you can only get tickets for one night per id/credit card.

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I like "Cabo Wabo Guy"s idea. Id and credit card must match at the door. I have always wanted to go to the bday bash but didn't feel like waiting in line for a "chance" to get in. We go to Cabo once or twice a year and it would be nice to finally be able to get tickets for a bday bash show.

Oh, one more idea............make it so you can only get tickets for one night per id/credit card.

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Hey Sammy! Man the concert rocked in St.louis brother! Thanks again for coming, and my hats off to Harrah's for making that happen for you, as well as all RedHeads! In my opinion, I feel very strong about giving all the RedHeads on here first dibs on the tix.. I can probably speak for many of the fans that grew up listening to your music, we are supporters bro! We buy the music, you inspire us all, and we support! This year will be my first trip to Cabo for the Bash.. I have heard alot of different comments on here about the ticket situation, and frankly, I would be dissapointed to say the least, if I flew where the eagles fly to see you, and didnt get into the cantina for the shows.. Yes, all of them baby! I have saved money just for this event, and am planning to make it a week long vacation centered around your shows!

It is with the upmost respect, that I only ask that the tix for all the shows: - 8,9,11,and the 13th be made available to all registered RedHead fans on this site first! A simple mass email could be sent to all of us with ticket purchase info, such as price and sell date & time... Thats it Bro!..

We RedHeads deserve that Sammy, we take the time to register, post photos of shows we have been to, shows we are going to, etc.etc.

I realize and understand tradition, and its all good brother..

Give us RedHeads first dibs, and let the other tix fall where they may...

With respect,


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Hey gang, I know that I tend to beat the drum for tradition (street rats rule)... But how bout this, IF they were to have a reserve list... Why not use the FAN list that redheads are clicking (I AM GOING)?? It should be pretty accurate just as it is... Or better yet, folks on the list are guaranteed entry to the show IF tickets (wristbands) are not sold but given away as they have been in the past. Just a thought. May need a lil more thinkin' to work out the bugs...

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Sammy & Company,

I have seen lots of ideas up here and I figured even though I sent an email that I would like to chime in a bit.

First and foremost I think it should be said that anyone that truly considers themselves a Redhead will adapt to whatever options are given. Most of us have already established our plans to travel to Cabo and I am pretty sure we are all totally ready to get our party on.

So we have two camps on this one, the "Ticket Camp" and "Street Rats Camp". I personally would like to buy tickets as it would suck in a major way if I was unable to get in. There are issues with street tickets already that could potentially put some fans at risk of being swindled.

They handled the show here in St. Paul really well. Buy your tickets and you give them a name for each ticket. You ID the person and the ticket at the door. Can't scalp that way. The ticket has your name on it. Its checked against a list at the door and everyone is happy.

As for preferential treatment to members of the Red Rocker website I really can't tell you what to do there. Obviously I am biased by the fact that I am a member so being just is a little harder for me, but yeah I lean towards member first and perhaps rank them by when they joined so people who have been around longer have first crack. That way if waves of people join later on you have still served the people that have been here longer, the best.

The bottom line is that I have plans to see you again in Cabo. I was lucky enough to experience it once before and this time it’s for my wife(her birthday celebration). I will sleep in the streets if I have to, but man the beds in the hotels have to more comfy!

Release the Kraken!!

CaboWaboGuy's picture

Beach concerts are out of the question! No way, no how!! Some of you might remember a few years back Sammy was going to try it & the city said no!

If tickets are sold in advance, no tickets will be produced! The buyer (name on the credit card) will be the only one able to get the wristbands & will be on a "Will Call" list! The wristbands will be put on the buyer & the buyer's guest right then & there, when they are picked up! Any tampered with wristbands will not be able to enter for the show! There will be no scalping or transfering of wristbands! Pretty simple if you ask me!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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The policy for the GB Vegas shows is pretty much the same as how Chickenfoot did the Roadtest tour, and how the Cabo listening party for Cosmic Universal Fashion was handled.

"The resort demanded the name of every concertgoer for each ticket purchased and said tickets could be picked up only on the day of the show, with photo IDs being checked at the door."

If nobody can scalp them then only Redheads will buy them. If they want to get people off the streets and generate money for charity this is a simple solution. If there's any truth to the $55 rumor, hopefully it's for a pair and not a single.

cheryl s's picture

I think that you should sell the tickets. Standing in line can be fun but it is an all night/day affair. Going to Cabo is a vacation for allot of us and it would be nice to spend that time doing vacation things and discovering Cabo instead of standing in line. Maybe limit the amount of tickets a person could buy so others can get in. But save a few tickets for the last minute standing in line Redheads. Either way I will be there. See you in Cabo!

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Solution is to offer/sell 50% on the redrocker site and then to give 50% away to the “line” people as normal.

That way you keep the tradition of the line alive but at same time you let your die hard fans who spend the Monies to come down but are too old to sleep on the streets all night a chance to see the show.

Lets face it Sammy - sleeping on the street is fine if your in your 20’s or 30’s, but for those of us in our 40’s and
50’s its getting to be a bit much.

So Yes pls sell 50% (or at least offer them ) here on the redrocker site to members only - who have indicated they are going. Simple enough to do – just send them all a email through the site notification system.

Whatever you do – can you please announce the decision on the site at least by Aug 30th so we can all plan?

Thanks and rock on Sammy

CaboNFall's picture

i agree totally. if there is no way for people to scalp tixs or transfer names, i really don't see these tixs going as fast as you think they would. maybe do it like they did in 1013 for CF and have people enter for shows they want to attend and then they are selected with option to buy them before they go onsale to public. there are ways to make sure "we" get tixs and really think the outside public really wouldn't have interest in buying tixs to a show that is 1000s of miles away with no way to resell them. I said it before, if you look at how Garth Brooks is doing tixs in Vegas you will see that there are very few if ANY tixs being scalped to the shows and his fans are the one's gettting the tixs. i know this may be blasphemy here but GB is a tad more popular and if he can get it so his fans get the tixs and not scalpers, i'm pretty sure Sammy can as well.

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Ed Violick's picture

Joe, What you and everybody else who wants ticket sales don't understand is...Your not gonna have much of an a chance to get them. The Cabo Wabo is very small. Tickets are going to be gone in less than 5 minutes. If your lucky you might get a pair for one show. There wont be time to get them for all three shows. I want to go to EVERY SHOW. The only way that is possible is wait on line.I want to see Sammy! Period! Who care's about sleepin on the sidewalk or seeing the sights thats all an afterthought. SOLUTION: Keep the line!

87-gn's picture

Apparently you were asleep on the streets AGAIN Doug. It's well known that only the elite are allowed LOL. To the subject at hand, my vote would be to sell non-bday shows and keep the 13th and the dinner tickets "as is" for those crazy street rats from IOWA to enjoy the cobblestones......CUN CABO!

Iowa-Doug's picture

Hey gang, i have a question? WHEN DID SAMMY SAY HE WANTED SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO "WEED OUT" the less SERIOUS REDHEADS??? Did I miss a post from Sammy? just curious as to when the decision was made to make this an ELITE BASH...

RedVoodoo's picture

This is the copy of the email I sent. I should add, I would make picking the tickets up at Will Call at the Cantina a part of this - that would help mediate the possibility of scalpers:

Hey All At RR.com,
Let me start by saying that I have never been to the Birthday Bash (making my first trip this year actually) so all I can do is relate to you what has kept me away in the past. So many of us don't make six figures per year - including me - so making a trip to Cabo is a fairly large investment. In the past the idea of spending major money on airfare and a hotel room just to sleep on the street did not seem all that attractive. Especially when it was topped with the fact that spending the night on the street did not necessarily guarantee a ticket to the concert. I've decided to make the trip this year because I've met so many friends through my travels to Tahoe, Vegas, etc that the idea of spending time with them, regardless of whether I get into a show, trumps my past feelings.

That said, it would still really suck to travel all that way and NOT see a show. So, I'm crossing my fingers. BUT, I'd be game to spend a few extra bucks on a ticket to a birthday bash show. I don't think a $15 or $20 donation in exchange for the concert is too much to ask. Especially if they were sold through the fan club (like the stage seats are) so we can avoid all of the fees charged by outlets like Ticketmaster. And I would assume that ticket money would be given to charity, which is something I think all Redheads would get behind. That would totally beat sleeping on the street hoping to get into the show. Let's be honest, it would also probably mean the majority of us, instead of hanging out on the street, would be partying it up in the Cabo Wabo on off nights - which is also good for your bottom line!!

That's my 2 cents. HOPE to see you in Cabo!!

joej011's picture

Hey RedRocker/Sammy/Paula or whomever reads these:

"What is understood, need not be discussed" I am not going to go into why I love Sammy's music, his attitude, how he inspires me musically and how to perform on stage(been in a cover band for 15 years) and listen to Sammy (in all his forms) almost every day.

What needs to be said is how the Bday Bash's rules for tickets are: There are NO Rules? Everything is FIRSTCOME/FIRST SERVE. THis really sucks! For the first time (and haven't returned) I went to Cabo for Sammy's 60th with my wife and another couple, I was soooooo excited to finally see Sammy (and Co.) for the party of the YEAR. The first thing we did after checking in the hotel (5 miles away), was go to the Cabo Wabo and get FACE DOWN!!

When I saw the line of people, lying in filth and sleeping on each other in 90+ degree weather, I knew I wasn't getting in to the show. Half the people in line were LOCALS, who would re-sell there tickets at a premium (or forge them and sell them a multitude or times, screwing all the RedHeads who flew down to the BDAY BASH). I was heart broken. We ended up watching the show outside on the 13th. Pretty cool, but I wasn't inside and hugely dissapointed.

Anyway> Yes my frustration with the method the tickets are dispursed: IT SUCKS. You have all FANS going down there, spending $1500 or more for a few days and they either have to sleep in the streets(not enjoying their hard-earned vacation) or NOT GET IN TO THE SHOW. I certainly wasn't sleeping in the streets after saving up for 6 months to come here!!


This is the best solution. Are there any prizes, like a ticket to this year's bash, if my solution is used?>??

I hope this helps ALL REDHEADS HAVE much more success going to see their/our beloved Sammy/Wabos/Chickenfoot at all future BDAY BASHES!!! The way it is now, is simply too archaic and really pisses on the fans. It needs to change.

~Joe Joynt
Fall River, MA

Wooky's picture

I like that idea Brando!

Janette, I've got your back, $40 to $50 is too much in my opinion. If they're gonna charge it needs to stay affordable, we already spend lots in airfare and hotels.

no55brando's picture

Sam could play on the big open beach area next to Tobasco's, where there is enough room for any and everybody to rock at 8:05. Surely monies from booze sales could pay for all production cost's, porto john's, and security and little left over Amigos de los Ninos. that would be the best 1013 show ever. peace love and hairgrease, adios, brando....

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craigt085's picture

Hey Sammy, like it says on my page, been coming since 94 when you could walk up and buy tix, then it changed too waiting in line during the day. Then it changed too its current format which I will admit was way better than being in line all day! I've always been a fan of selling tix online and donating the money too charity if you choose too do so. My price would be 45 to 50 bucks which would weed out some of the not so serious people who really want too attend your shows. Bottom line is, me and the wife have been to every bash since 94 with the exception of 97 and 2000 and am looking foreward to this year! Coming down on the 7th and staying thru the 21st, and whether its the line with all my RedHead freinds or pre-sales me and the wife will continue too support you! Peace Brother,RedHeads from Washington!!!!

quadtrekredrocker's picture

How about an internet lottery on redrocker.com.....$10-$20 gets you in....sell 2000 spots....some get tickets some dont(50-50 shot)...proceeds go to wherever Sammy wants them to go....pick up the tickets at will call with your ID in Cabo 2 days before the appropriate show....if you dont get your tickets in Cabo 2 days before the show your tickets go out to the street line for free....no refunds...it is what it is.

All i know is that i have seen Sammy live since the late 70's in all venues from Cabo to Tahoe to Reno to the Bay to places i cant even remember(Tequilla?) and where there is a will there is a way......See you at the show.

Crewe's picture

ive done the street thing and Ive obtained tix ever time.
So I dont mind if it stays that way. Somehow, I think Id be less likely to get in if they were sold online .

Iowa-Doug's picture

Jeanette, not gonna try to dispute your comments. Could be some merit there. I don't claim to have all the answers...
As far as "pushin' 50", I already pushed by it a couple years ago. I don't see myself as a young buck... But feel like I am still in the game as far as "sleepin' on the streets"... Wait a minute, I don't recall too many times bein' asleep out there...

Iowa-Doug's picture

Thank God for that, Grill...Would'nt want folks bringin' the Street Rats Down with their negative holier than thou vibe...

johnjulie05's picture

My input for the Birthday Bash? PLEASE consider selling tickets. I would be soooo disappointed to stay in line all night only to NOT be able to get it...Got my hotel reserved, there are 6 of us coming to celebrate the best rocker in the world's birthday! John & Julie Santiago

cathyfbrown's picture

Hey Sammy! I would love to party with you in Cabo for you birthday but I've done my time as far as sleeping on the floor and street. If I'm coming down to Cabo to see you I'd rather have a ticket as a guarantee and be able to enjoy Cabo for my birthday too, Oct. 14! Just my opinion as I'll support you know matter what you decide. I'll always be able to see you somewhere sometime. You can't please everyone. Much love and respect, Cathy

BarkAtTheMoon's picture

This is a tough one. Like most of you, I'm no spring chicken. I get the fact that having "will call" would secure a spot at the Wabo for the show...BUT... If Sammy can KICK-AZZ at 60+, then I can wait & party in line to see him kick said azz! Part of the whole experience is the party in the street with my fellow Redheads. Look for us...we'll be the gang with the largest Wabo-Rita in town.
Keep the tradition Sammy. Thanks for asking our opinion.

GrillMeats's picture

We are not all STREET RATS Doug!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Iowa-Doug's picture

My take on this is pretty well known. I say stick with tradition... Leave the bash the way it is and should be...
Selling tickets wont guarantee entry to the show... The Cabo Wabo only holds about 1000 people... How many venue's that small does Sammy play here in the states? And I have read many comments from people here at home complaining about NOT getting tickets to stateside shows...
If it ain't broke don't try to fix it.

Just my opinion...

Iowa-Doug, a Redhead Street Rat and DAMN proud of it.

crafty's picture

Tickets, please! My husband's birthdya is that weekend, and would be so bummed if we couldnt get in.

no55brando's picture

i have had a cobblestone bed many nights in cabo over the years. it is always fun to be up all night partyin with a bunch of redheads. the first block and a half are the same people out on the streets every night. 3/4ths of the people that are in the club for the shows are the same every night. one way to do it is maybe have an x amount of tix on the first mornin of the shows that allow access to all shows. then the next night there would be a limited amount of tix for those who just happen to be in town and heard sammy was gonna play. with that the line wouldn't start until later because most redheads have already got tix. the line probably would'nt be half a block long until early in the mornin before 8. thanx sam for the added security in line in the last couple of years, and the trash cans on the corners for all the trash. there are so many ideas and none will make everybody happy. the original way for tix has worked for many years. if you want to rock at 8:05 bad enough. you will get in. just keep an eye on the line and jump in and have a good time. peace love and hairgrease, adios, brando. "mayor of the cobblestones"

cathyfbrown's picture

I love my dose of Sammy but I rather have tickets to see you in Cabo rather than having to stand in line all day so I can enjoy Cabo too. Much love to you Sammy! Donating the proceeds from the birthday bash couldn't be cooler. Can't wait to share another birthday with you. Whatever you decide you always have my support cause I'll see you somewhere, sometime. Cathy

KLRed's picture

Hi Sammy, My husband and I are long-time St. Louis fans following you for 30 years. Thanks for asking the fans their opinions on your b-day bash. It shows, once again, you truly love your fans. We've never attended, but have a Cabo trip as a DREAM. If we come to see you and not get in, would be a total bummer. If you sold tickets we would defintely attend, knowing for sure we could experience the annual tradition along with all the RedHeads. Giving the proceeds to a charity of choice sounds like a fantastic idea. You can't please everyone and whatever you decide, we will continue to support you and hope one day we can see you in Cabo.

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mj8ball1's picture

We are coming to Cabo for the first time just so we can see you in Cabo. We will go to a show or two either way tickets are available but would much rather donate my dollars to a charity ( St. Jude would be my choice it's a Lebo thing) than wait on the sidewalk. But it should be done with registered names and ID's to prevent scalping.
Thanks M J

dawnm075's picture

I have never been and would love to go next year for my 10 year wedding anniversary. With my husband suffering cardiac arrest and massive heart attack this year, I would feel much better knowing we had a ticket before we went and spent the money. However, that is just my opinion and I think buying a ticket and Sammy can donate to charity of his choice is a fantastic idea. I agree with the others though that think there should be a way of preventing the scalpping so that the true fans are the ones that have access to the tickets.....any way this plays out, I love Sammy and will continue to attend all shows possible!!

CaboWaboGuy's picture

Maybe, I have no idea...but that came directly from Sammy when I met with him for almost four hours two weeks ago! I think it's a great idea to give the funds generated by ticket sales to the kids of Cabo!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

Max55RedHead's picture

We have our plane tickets and hotel reservations. The only thing missing are tickets to Sammy’s birthday bash.

Our friends from Chicago are meeting us in Cabo San Lucas. Both my husband, Fred celebrating his 55th birthday and our friend Ern celebrating his Oct b-day too want to Rock with Sammy for their birthdays. We are not thrilled about waiting in line because we have done that so many times, but understand about Sammy wanting to keep the event free as he has always been loyal to his fans by keeping ticket prices affordable. We would consider dinner reservations at the Cabo Wabo Cantina if that would guarantee us entry into the show.

We are long time Sammy Hagar fans (or as my husband says Van Hagar fans) and coming to Cabo San Lucas with the intention to party with Sammy at the birthday bash. We have been planning this since we saw Sammy and Wabos at Ford Amp. in Tampa Florida several years ago. Laura and Ern tried to see Sammy recently at Ribfest in Chicago, but got turned away because of the volume of people.

It sure would be great to know we had tickets to the show before arriving!!! We’ll be there no matter what and really hope to see the show as many nights as we can!!!

Thanks for asking us for our opinion.

Karen and Fred from Florida

Laura and Ern from Chicago

CaboNFall's picture

If they make it will call only with no name transfers and no refunds then how many non-Sammy fans will be buying these tickets in another country with no way to scalp them? NONE. the fans will be the ones that get them. The "this is the way we've always done it and this is the way we will always do it" mentality is archaic! I really think you will be surprised at how many people will actually buy tickets unless they are 100% certain they are going.

vickyt085's picture

Sell tickets. I want to come but only for the bash. I would be upset if I didn't get in!!!!

Jenn70's picture

I really cannot say either way because this will be my first birthday bash! However I am headed there to not only celebrate Sammy's birthday but my 40th so I will be very disappointed if I do not get tickets. So as long as I get tickets and have fun I don't care how its done I am sure they know what they are doing.

EVILERN13's picture

"We really liked your idea about the money from the ticket sales going to the kids in Cabo through Amigos de los Ninos!"

I haven't been to the bash since 2007,but if my memory serves me correct,wasn't there a BIG dis-association of the relationship between the CANTINA & ADLN ?

i.e. the not selling of raffle tickets for ADLN in front of the Cantina????

Redlover's picture