2009 Birthday Bash Wrap Up

October 20, 2009 by sammyhagar
2009 Birthday Bash Wrap Up

Wow…..I am sitting on the beach trying to remember how all this happened in one week…..Two awesome shows with the Wabo’s….I feel like we didn’t miss a beat, it was so fun playing with them again. Then Chad, Mike and Joe came in like a storm or should I say with the storm. The Foot at the Wabo, dream come true is about all I can say. What an awesome night, something I have thought about since we all got together as Chickenfoot just after last years bash. Then we had the last two nights…..I have to say, Matt Sorum, an original Wabo Rat was full on as he brings so much energy to the show as well as his better half Ace who sang some Zeppelin on Tuesday…..Mikey and the Other Half was something to remember…..I always love playing those songs with him…….And who can forget Emeril…..his birthday is 10/15 and he comes down every year for a charity cooking event that we have done together for the past three years….he is now an official Wabo Rat as well.

Looking ahead we will have the second best place on the planet to party at…..Las Vegas Baby!!……The Cabo Wabo on the strip will open in mid November and we will be there to play sometime the first week of December, so stay tuned

I have been thinking about all my special fans and realize we have to come up with a better system for tickets next year….I cannot stand the thought of my fans sleeping on the street and with the weather issues we have had over the past few years, if anything happened to one of you I would be devastated…..so we will be working on a new system for next year…..Thank you all for sharing my birthday with me…Peace and Love….Sammy

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