15th Annual Northwest Redhead Bash

April 25, 2016 by sammyhagar
15th Annual Northwest Redhead Bash

"Looks like Colleen and Michelle's 15th annual Northwest redhead bash was a big success!! I'm so proud of these redheads keeping the party going Wabo style! One of these days I'm gonna make it up to one and surprise the living shit out of these people. 

Keep the party going - good job!"


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Cabo Discount Tours's picture

I wasn't at the party, but great choice in using Boneyard to rock the house!

Redrockcandy's picture

Oh yes, Tim THAT could happen !!

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THANK YOU Sammy ! Michelle and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE putting this event together each year. Its a wonderful chance to see ( and party with ) our Redhead friends. Bone-yard definitely contributes the good LOUD music and the DANCE factor for us :-) Thank you TIM and the boys

We are so lucky to have met so many terrific people because of your music and those are lasting friendships. SMILES , Laughs and seriously good times.


Colleen aka Redrockcandy

PS CYA at the Fillmore and in Tulalip this summer! <--- chanting NO RAIN NO RAIN !

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Yes Sammy Come Scare the shit Out Of Us Next Year
Colleen & Chelle Always Do A GREAT Job

michelle1way2rk's picture

Thank you SO much!! We have so much fun putting this party together every year. Yazzi's staff is so gracious to let us come in and take over the place for the night, they even let us have our own specialized Sammy menu and bring in CWT and BBR. Bone Yard rocks the night away and always does such a great job, they kick the party up a notch (or 10)! Everyone has a blast, and that's what it's all about. Come on up and party with us Sammy!! Thank you for being the reason we get to have fun!
Mucho loves,

Bones's picture

Always a blast! Great job girls! Maybe the next time I jam with Sammy it will be at your bash! Thanks for the kind words Kym! If the girls keep having it I will keep bringing the boys out.

BakersfieldluvsSammy's picture

YESSSS!!! What a great Shout-Out!! Colleen and Michelle will definitely keep the party going!!! NW loves them some Sammy

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They did an amazing job!!!! Such a blast! Loved Tim Taylor's band Bone-Yard!!! Thank you SO MUCH for the swag Sammy! Thanks a MILLION to Michelle and Colleen!!! They are amazing!!!