Rockin' on the 13th in Cabo!

October 02, 2011 by samiam4ever

Wow! Been to see Sammy in sunny California lots of times but never been to Cabo...until this year! Can't wait to party with all you Redheads at the BB on the 13th! Hubby's birthday is on the 12th and he's ready to throw back a few shots! We're staying at the Westin so if anybody wants to get together for a beer, margarita, or whatever, let's do it!

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Cool! We're flying in on Monday (late afternoon) from San Francisco and will probably hang around the hotel that evening to get ready for the party days ahead, so if you'd like to meet up that would be great! I'll be there with my hubby, Brian, who's celebrating his "young" 50th birthday, made even more special because of Sammy! And I'm a female Sam, by the way. :-)

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my wife and I are at there 10-15th and we are definitly down to throw a couple back.