My Son's 1st Rock Concert - August 24, 2013

October 04, 2013 by salsajedi
My Son's 1st Rock Concert - August 24, 2013
Dad and Scott having a Blast at Mn State Fair
More images are available below.

I know it's been a month and a half but hey, Ive been busy.

I though I would post a few pics of my son Scott's 1st concert - hell, he's still talking about it!

He's 9 years old and has been begging me to take him to a Sammy show for the last 3 years. Well, it finally worked out with the fair and all. We bought tickets to the Sammy concert and then convinced my wife that we should go to the Minnesota State Fair - you know, good family fun.

My Son's 1st Rock Concert - August 24, 2013
2 Hours Before His 1st Sammy Concert
My Son's 1st Rock Concert - August 24, 2013
We Even Brought Mom Along
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Sons 1st Concert!

August 06, 2013 by salsajedi

I have great seats for my 9 year old sons 1st concert (with dear old Dad) August 24th at the Minnesota State Fair!

Buck Cherry will be opening as they did at Moondance Jam in 2010 in Walker Mn.

My kid is so jacked that he's been asking everyday; How many days until Sammy?

See y'all there......

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Pullleeeezzzz - Can we get some XXL & XXXL "Sammys Beach Bar and Rum T-Shirts"?

May 01, 2012 by salsajedi

I know I can't be the only "full figured fella here". I would like to wear my support for the brand, but ain't no way I'm gettin' into a XL anything!

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Recommended places to stay in Cabo

July 21, 2010 by salsajedi

Hello to all, I am new here and realize this topic has probably come up a few times before so bear with me... There is a group (4 couples) of us heading to Cabo next February. I am not having much luck reading through the reviews on the various travel sites about where to stay in Cabo so, I thought I would try here. We have a few requirements - 1) Must be a reasonable distance from town so we don't get soaked with big $$$ cab fares.

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