last night

April 30, 2011 by sage5150

did mad anthony join the wabo s last night in kinder

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wow! another fantastic,but all 2 short,show by sammy and the wabos.even if they played for 3 hrs it would still b 2 short.could some1 pls refresh my cabo soaked brain of the set list for the biloxi gig.having a little trbl remembering start 2 finish.there s only 1 way 2 rock.SAMMY!

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Hey won't let me save you as a friend. I have emailed the Admin to see what is wrong?
I will post pictures personal PC is not working...taking it back to Best Buy. I can load the pictures at work tomorrow.

It was great meeting you and Kim (?? I think that is your wife's name)

What a great show.

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Unfortunely, Michael Anthony was not there. As always, Sammy put on an awesome show. I had never been to Coushatta for a concert. Unfortunely, the venue is a DUMP. So was the Koushatti Pine Lodge we stayed at. At least the sound in the venue was good.

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No, unfortunatly Mike was not there. But this was hands down the best concert I have ever been to!!!