John Bonham welcome to play anytime

November 10, 2013 by rpmjr13
John Bonham welcome to play anytime

I was one of the lucky Red Rocker fans to go to Hard Rock Live in Hollywood Florida on November 7th. It became intensely special when Sammy invited John Bonham up from the crowd to play a short set with him and Mike Anthony. It was like he played with a different drum set than David Lauser. He played more loud, harder, sounded more crisp and intense changing the vibe of the songs the same way he did when he joined Led Zeppelin for the Celebration Day concert. It seemed every one had an idea of how lucky they were to be there cause during the set the smart phones were all up in the air taking it in. Thanks to Sammy and the Wabos to make this happen. This was a special night!

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Jason Bonham my friend, Moby Dick has been gone for a long time now. I wish he was still with us though...

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Later Jeff

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LOL yeah I also caught this when it was first posted. I'm really hoping that the person knows who it really was and this was a typo.

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Did "Bonzo" rise from the dead to play this gig with Sammy?