Unathorized posting of blogs on this site

December 07, 2011 by ronniebodnar

Please be careful what you post here, Chickenfoot, Cabo etc it ends up all over the internent Google , Pipl etc did not know or agree to release anything I post to the general public and the adminstrator doesnt not care !!!

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Yes - it is always good to remember that whenever you post anything to a public web site that means that anyone can view it and search engines like Google will also index it and make it available in searches. There are some private forums out there, but this isn't one of them - we want Redheads to share their stories with the community and also the world! Just like in "real life", be aware of what you are saying here, as the community will hold you accountable for it! :)

We do care deeply about the community of Redheads here on REDROCKER.COM, it's just that this is not a "private" forum. If you are looking for that sort of communication, it's best handled in email, or through a private group elsewhere with a small group of trusted friends.