July 08, 2012 by ronk029

Has anyone gotten an email back about tickets yet????

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Got an email back from the Redrocker sales dept. and they made a mistake on the invoices. The Rum Bash is on SATURDAY...AUGUST 25TH!!!

Looks like it's gonna be a party

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I emailed them about the date error. The Rum Bash is on Saturday 8/25 not Friday 8/24 like the invoices are saying. Waiting to hear back from them!

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They actually sent me an invoice for 2 tickets but now they are saying the Rum Bash is Friday night. My e-mail said we had 2 options. I picked OPTION 2 which was for the Rum Bash on 8/25 which is a Saturday. Anyone else get this crap where they are now saying it is on Friday the 24th??????

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I just got an e-mail about the Rum Bash. I had requested the option 2 for the Rum Bash on the 25th. They are telling me it is not the 25th but the 24th! Thats bullshit! My email said option 2 is the Rum Bash only for Saturday the 25th! Is Sammy aware that his sales@redrocker are a bunch of idiots?

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Nothing yet, and every time my E-mail alert goes off I calmly grab my phone. . . .yea right!

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No Word Here Yet...