Arriving Cabo late the day of the show

September 11, 2017 by rockymtnhigh

Hi- we won;t be arriving until late in the afternoon the day of the show. If there are any flight delays it could of course be later. What is the latest time we can pick up our bracelets and what time does the show start?


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Did the bar in cabo get any damage from the weather.

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Thank you so much!
7:30 should be doable. We are meeting friends at the airport (they are flying in from a different city) and we will be sharing a private car to our resort in Cabo. Their flight isn't scheduled to land until 3:30. So hopefully no delays and all is smooth! We will be tired but I have been wanting to see Sammy in Cabo for forever and I finally got tickets after years of trying! Good to know if there is a delay that we can still get our wrist bands. I know we will be way in the back but all I care about at this point is being there!

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Yes to what Brando said on the 9:30 start time, but that is just the estimated. I have seen it be 10:00 to 10:15 for it to start. The latest on wristband pickup do your best to be there by 7 to 7:30 which is doors open time. You can get them after that but above is a window to shot for.

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Used to be until 10:00 pm. Show starts at 9:30...