Impeccable Show 4 the Fans @ HOB A.C. 5/18/2012

May 21, 2012 by Rockin'Vet4Life

Just a huge thank you Sammy for remaining so humble after decades of performances. It was high on my bucket list to just meet you in person. "Check" !! I have listened to you since Montrose and been a loyal fan ever since. I told my Wife that the first words out of your mouth would be a compliment to her hair ... and my prediction was right on target. HaHa Then for you to say that I looked like "Ronnie", is a memorable moment for me.
We tried to come meet you in Cabo for our 25th anniversary, unfortunately I was injured in the line-of-duty and we had to postpone. We celebrate our 30th next year and will make another attempt. Just hope to have a drink with you and celebrate so many blessings and the joy that your music has given us since our teenage years.
Chickenfoot is comprised of four of the most talented and appreciative musicians/people to ever entertain and you belong together.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for an incredible show in A.C. and taking the time to let us hug and shake hands with all 4 of you and later finding us in the crowd and showing acknowledgement.
You are the Best Sir Sammy !!
Truly memorable moment for the both of us !!!

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I've been going to concerts since early 1978. My very first was Montrose w/ Journey and Van Halen (crazy huh?) This show with Chickenfoot is right up there as one of the BEST EVER !

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From start to finish, indeed !!

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I was at the AC show also, it was awesome.

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I totaly agree one of the best concert that we've seen! Love Sammy!!!

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Sometimes the memories you bring back with you after meeting Sammy are just as good as the show itself. Glad you got to meet Sammy and he always seems to enjoy AC and put on an extra special show. He said he got there a Day early just to enjoy it. Like Sammy said during the show after turning left blew us away, man.. us four guys do this just for the music and the fans, we already got the fame and the money. Now you know its true. Great story and glad your injuries are healed up. You deserve a handshake and a thank you for serving our country.