Best place to stay close to Cabo Wabo?

July 15, 2014 by rockingbiker

Hey Redheads! Finally, got tickets to the Bash. Gonna celebrate my birthday with Sammy on Ten 13. Anybody got any suggestions on the best place to stay close to the cantina? Appreciate any input.

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I stay at the hotel Mar de Cortez it's right around the corner from the Cobo Wabo! Within crawling distance!!!

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My friend and I registered for the drawing last year and he won. We stayed at the Villa Del Palmar. We were taking a taxi to and from town multiple times a day. However, we are better prepared for this year. Again, we entered the drawing and this year my friend won again - this time for the OCT 13 show. We will stay at the Wyndham which is walking distance to Cabo Wabo and all the hot spots. Arriving SAT and looking forward...we just booked the hotel and flight tonight...rates are starting to climb a bit and did not want to wait.

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I have stayed at both the RIU and the Wyndham. They both have a decent number of fellow RedHeads who stay there. The main differences are RIU is All Inclusive and Wyndham is not, but the Wyndham is walking distance to the Cabo Wabo. You can either taxi it to downtown from RIU or walk out to the main road and take the public bus system. It all really comes down to what you can afford.

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Playa Grande - a great resort and walking distance to the cantina.

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I went here last year, it was awesome! You have to take a Taxi to the Cabo Wabo.

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Playa Grande, Marina Fiesta or Wyndham - you can walk

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Always a lot of Redheads at the Riu Santa Fe. Staying there again this year myself. Congrats & good luck!