One Time - Make it Happen

October 01, 2012 by rj says sams the man

WOW, this might be a premanition but I too received the last chance email early this morning and actually had a dream about this two nights ago for real! Have been trying for years to get tickets and if luck desires me to win then so shall it happen. The only question is, what is PDT, might they be referring to PST? Well good luck to the masses who would all love to go, I am wishing myself some good luck as well. Here's hoping to be there and enjoy this incredible performer. His shows are some of my altime favs seeing him 4 times in WI.

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rj says sams the man's picture

Opening night. We actually had our package booked last week and were going to just wing it but changed mind when reading the masses that are going down hoping to land a pair of tickets; just felt it was not our year (again) so maybe next year. Then a dream, and then a real Email with a shot to land a pair of tickets, albeit very very long shot. Not sure how many folks get the 2nd chance email but my guess is its everyone who was not picked so it is ALOT!

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It is Pacific Daylight Time, Which show do you have a second chance ?