ATTN: Admin!!!

July 23, 2011 by RIRedrocker

Can someone clean this place up pleeeeease? There is sooo much spamming going on here, there spamming the spam!!! I go to my profile to check for new postings and there's a ton of new postings...ALL SPAM and I'm sure plenty of viruses attached. It's a shame no one takes care of this site, it could be such a great site for Redheads...and should be.

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Did you just add the CAPTCHA again? Because the CAPTCHA came up twice when I went to post that last message?? AND this next one..........

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Thank you for responding Admin. Only thing is, the CAPTCHA is and always has been in place. I remember you said a long time ago that you would take it off, but it's never come off, not on the 'members' end anyway. Like right now, I will have to put the CAPTCHA in to post this message to you and on any where else I want to post.

@ MajTom, I was referring to this board, the old forum is way too far gone to 'clean' that place up LOL!!!!

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Maybe the post referred to the old forum that is loaded every day with new garbage...although some of the "blogs" posted here are questionable, also...

3 captchas are a little much.

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Hi -- we keep a close eye on things and delete spam as it comes in, but it has been increasing lately which may mean we have to implement the CAPTCHA code on comments and blogs. We really were hoping to not have to do that, but in the end it is better to enter in a little extra code when posting than have to wade through spam (and for us to spend so much time blocking and deleting it!).