Weedsport - July 4th!

August 16, 2011 by rimrockerjim

Man, all I know is I saw you with VH for the July 4th show in Weedsport, NY back in the early 90's. It was sooo hot, humid and totally KICK ASS! I'm a huge fan of the red rocker and you know who blows compared to you...i dont care what anyone says about that. Your passionate and care free on stage and I respect that dude. I see many bloggers on here asking or selling tickets...thats BS, you deserve some love from the true fans of rock n roll baby! Thanks for the great memories...that day in Weedsport....one of the BEST EVER! Your awesome!

p.s. I deliver the Cabo Wabo for a living...good stuff my man!

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So very true, every one is looking for a hand out. Humm don't know how we missed VH at Weedsport, it's so very close to home!