Cabo Wabo reviews not good

August 25, 2010 by ReneeJambora

I was reading Trip Advisor reviews about the Cantina & they are pretty scary. I've never been & going in October. Please ease my mind- someone!

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Yeah I'm up for that Brad, besides they really don't like Canadiens in Mexico. Just Kidding!

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Hey Terry , didnt mean to make light of what happened to your friend , it was obviously serious enough to warn others and I will take any advise I can get as this is me and the wifes first trip to Cabo. We are luckey enough to be travelling with friends ( who we met doing line time at the Vegas cantina ) who can show us the ropes down there. See you in Cabo!!

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So Terry , I need a bodygaurd to use the washroom? Mike you up for the job? Lol

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Cool I'll see you there!!!

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Thanks man. The wedding will not be a Cantina reception but Sammy will get our money at the shows. We have tix to the 1st and last show. I am siked!!!

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Congrats MVD5150 on your wedding. That would be an awesome place to tie the knot. Where is your wedding?? I'm sure the reception will be at the cantina, right?

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Two people write into Trip Advisor.
1) People who love where they went
2) Those who hated it.

I have been to Cabo a bunch of times and never came close to any issues or scary situations. The Cantina is definitely not the cheapest place and was guilty of playing the Macarena and Cool & The Gang's Celebration but that is the biggest fault I could find!! Do not worry about a thing. It is a great place and full of tourists. You will love it. Jungle Bar is below it and is also great. I would say avoid "Squid Roe". That place is where locals find naive tourists.

Enjoy your trip. Like Sammy said - You go there once, you'll be there twice. To that point, I am getting married there on 10/10 as part of my 3rd consecutive year there.

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This will be my third trip in 20 years. I did spend the night in the old jail 20 years ago for being way to drunk and stupid. It was my fault. Just remember like everyone else said, it is another country. I am older now and looking to have a great time and party...just party smart. see you down there...face down....

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Don't be scared of Cabo. It is the very best. As others have said, you are in a foreign country so be smart. Cabo Wabo rocks! We go every year!

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Come with me if you want to live!!!Just kidding. Just remember you are in a foreign country so don't be an ass and you will be fine.

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My friend had one of the "Trip Advisor" experiences last November. I won't quit going BUT 1) Pay in cash as you go with each order and 2) NEVER be in the Men's room without others being in there and get out ASAP.

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Most of the posts there are phony! Don't worry, it's a great place to hang out! We have been going to Cabo for about 15 years & have never had any problems at the Cabo Wabo Cantina!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"