Red Rocker on the move and in the show

March 23, 2013 by Reinhardt's Mot...
Red Rocker on the move and in the show
In the bike show this weekend and taking home a trophy
More images are available below.

Hello all Redheads we are working on the sale or auction on the Red Rocker Panhead
and we are working with the Web-master to get it going, so watch on
to see who gets the bike.
Check out to see our new project what coming.

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 3  Redhead Comments

Blaze's picture

Nice tag for the bike. I'm thinking about the wifes car doing
RDROCKR for her plates

Reinhardt's Motorcycles's picture

Anytime jus give us a call!

RDRKR's picture

Very cool! My current motorcycle tag is RDRKR. I'd like to transfer it to this Panhead!