May 10, 2011 by RedRockette

Lets ALL show that WE SUPPORT Murray!!!

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We got yer back Murray!

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Much love going out to you Murray...Redheads Rule! Stay strong and keep your head up. :)

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Wooky could not have said it better... Amen to that!!!

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This is exactly why I continue doing what I do... the USOC will continue and it is because of the love and support from amazing Redheads like all of you!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!


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yeah..what she said!!!


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I'll always support someone who looks me in the eye and tells the truth, not someone who says it's raining while they're pissing down my back! The USOC documentary will get my GREENBACK DOLLAR cause the Sammy camp doesn't deserve anymore BIG FAT MONEY! Murray, you have my unwavering support.


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Murray rocks! And he so does not deserve the treatment he's received. It's really a shame how this has all gone down. I will do anything I can to support Murray in what ever direction his project goes.

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Sammy leave Murry alone! and be honest with everyone, don't lie about the reason you pulled his meet and greet.

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Well said Tina Cheers RAISE SOME CABO

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Well I tried to make a comment on Murray's post, but it had been deleted by the time I pressed the button to post my comment!! How's that for censorship?!?!?

Here I go again....

Murray is a diehard Redhead who does not deserve the crappy treatment he is getting. He has dedicated his time, energy and his own money to making a great documentary about the FANS!!! Sammy, if you truly care about the fans, as you have always said, you need to make this right!!

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we'll just have to wait and see =)

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How long until Redrocker kicks this one off

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I support Murray, a proud Canadian, USOC will be AWESOME !!!