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Sammy said that since Chad Smith is working on the next Red Hot Chili Peppers album, he's gonna record the second Chickenfoot record and then he's going on the road with the Chili Peppers for a year and a half. Sammy said "Once they start recording, Chad’s never going to be able to get a break,” Hagar told on Sept. 1. “If he does, he’ll get a couple weeks here, a couple days there, which is not really enough to devote to Chickenfoot. And when they’re done with (the album) they’re gonna go on the road for a year and a half. So we either have to get a new drummer or wait for Chad ... which is unfair to Chickenfoot. It’s too good a band.” I RRREEAAALLLLYYY hope Chickenfoot doesn't break up because of this. If they DO get a new drummer, it'll be kinda disappointing, but at least they'll keep going. How many of you hope or think that Chickenfoot will find a way to go on tour with Chad again, or keep him as a drummer, becuase next to AC/DC, Chickenfoot is my all time favorite band! I don't want them to break up! D':

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Ok, there have been three considerations so far...

Joe wants Tommy Lee from Motley Crue (Tommy wouldn't fit in well with Chickenfoot I don't think)

And Jason Bonham and Abe Laboreli Jr. from Paul McCartney's band

I would LOVE to see Jason play with them

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LOL thanks Mike!!

man these are all good ideas...think anyone who matters will read them? never can tell...

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what about Bro! David could be the person?

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Ok its settled it will be animal from the muppets. Another Gem of an idea Stef.

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Chad has to stay!!!!.......Like Sammy says in the interview, Chad IS Chickenfoot.

Better off waiting or doing another project till Chad is available.

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WoW! If this goes down...Chad will be one tired dude!! I don't think he can play without going all out!!
Doug aka "CWG"

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Thanks Mike, I get a gem of an idea from time to time LOL!!

I think the only replacement for Chad that would even come close would be Animal from the Muppets.

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Ok. I don't want Chad to go anywhere, but if he does who do they get?

Jason Bonham? he jammed with Chickenfoot in Vegas for one tune last year.

Vinnie Paul? He also played with Sammy in Vegas last year and he has played with Sammy a bunch of times.(but he now has a band called "hellyeah" with a couple of the guys from Mudvayne).

Joey Jordison? He just toured with Rob Zombie over the summer and Slipknot won't be doing anything for a while again (if ever) since their bass player died this year. But he also plays in the band called the Murderdolls.

This is all I got so far. any other suggestions?

Stef, you have the best solution just have the bands tour together, that's awesome and I agree with the superbowl idea they would be the perfect band for that.

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Simple solution...Chickenfoot needs to open for RHCP.

Go over to Chickenfoot's FB and start a petition LOL!! I already started one to have them play the halftime show at the Superbowl in 2011.