Where to stay between these places

August 04, 2013 by redrocker327

I am trying to decide between these four places and am looking for input from fellow fans:
Wyndham Cabo San Lucas
Hotel Mar de Cortez
Holiday Inn Resort Cabo San Lucas AI
Villa Del Palmar

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Solmar Resort is where I am staying for 8 nights. I wanted the all inclusive beach vibe. Its about a 20 min walk to the cantina so I get my exercise, and when I get tired of the resort meals go into town to grab a bite and drinks and chill. I cannot wait!!!!!

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We're staying at the Hilton Resort Los Cabos where we stayed for Spring Break, love that place! I was told over Spring Break that the Wyndham Cabo San Lucas is very nice. Good luck.

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We stay at the playa grande every year. It is a great hotel and have never had any issues. We stayed at the VDP one year and would not go back. The room had mold all over the walls, lamp shades, refrig etc. They did not move us because no other rooms were available. that is how we found the Playa Grande.

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I have stayed at Playa Grande for the last 4 years and love it! There are several of us who stay there. Most of the Canadians stay there for 2 weeks. Last year we got the 2 bedroom - 3 bathroom Penthouse. We housed several Redheads for a week. We will stay there again (if I can find a great deal) or the VDP. One of my roommates has a timeshare there. The girls show up on 10/5 and the hubbys show up on 10/10 and we stay till 10/14. Have a couple of rooms reserved at the Wyndham when the hubbys show up! Stayed at VDP back in 2002 and love it too just not the walk into town.

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I have stayed at the RIU Santa Fe and really did not find it any better than the Hotel Finnisterra. I know they have now changed ownership and become an AI. I actually would put ahead of the Santa Fe. The room I got was infested with ROACHES they offered to spray it while we still had our belongings in the room to which was not acceptable. I said that switching to another room was what I wanted to do. They said they had one available and then when after loading all my belongings they say the room would not be ready for three hours. I therefore had to basically be roomless for that amount of time. It definitely did not make a good taste in my mouth of this facility. I know there are a great number of fellow Redheads that swear by the RIU resorts but after that experience would not give them my recommendation.

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You will usually find Redheads at several resorts. We usually skip on the all inclusives because we usually have a full kitchen and have groceries delivered to our rooms. There are sooo many places that have Great Cheap food!

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Thanks for the reply. I have done some preliminary research and had a place in mind, but was looking for some feedback.

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If you are looking for a place to sleep that is close to the cantina then Wyndham and the Marde are the places for you. The Marde will have several long time Redheads that stay there and they have an awesome 'party' pool. The rooms are ok but I usually bring my own sheets. Nothing fancy but cheap and close. We have stayed there twice but only for a night or two then go to a resort. This year we booked a room at the Wyndham for a few days but only because it is close the the cantina and we got a great deal for the remaining days of our trip. Have never stayed there but we only need it for a few days to sleep. Villa (VDP) is beautiful but not walking distance. It's a full 20 min. walk to town and not something you want to do at night or alone. Several Redheads are staying here too and most share cab rides. The rooms are amazing and the pool is beautiful. It is a beachfront resort and if the waves are not too rough you can even get in the water but careful with the undertow. Have no idea about the Holiday Inn. Another awesome place on the marina and walking distance and several Redheads stay there too is Playa Grande. It's a cheap cab ride too but many of us walk thru the Marina and it's very safe! Hope this helps! FYI several people will start posting their timeshares so you may be able to get one for cheap. I have gone 5 times since 2002 and have always used someone's timeshare. But ask around to make sure that it's legit. Most people who go this time will know them. Good Luck!