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October 01, 2014 by redrocker327

Hello Fellow Redrockers,
I am looking to book my hotel for the show on the 18th. I have been scouring the hotel websites, but thought I would post something here to see where others are staying.

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Thanks again everybody. I was able to book at The D.

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MGM - Can't wait!

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Thanks for the responses so far.

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Staying at the Golden Nugget.

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Anywhere downtown will be great. We always stay at the Paris (Free rooms) but the 18th party is located near Freemont street

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I'm booked at Mandalay Bay, its amazing there, lots of live music for free. Great prices.

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The show is downtown (old) Las Vegas. The D is right across the street from the new venue, not bad but the Golden Nugget is still really close and a great place to stay. The strip hotels are farther away (taxi ride)and more expensive. The Stratosphere is the closest hotel on the strip to the venue. I know of a few redheads stayin at the Golden Nugget. Hope that helps!