Airfare to Cabo

August 06, 2014 by redrocker327

I need some input on airfare from Richmond. I am currently pulling prices of around $700 to $850 a person. Does anybody know of a website to find it cheaper.

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I fly out of SFO. Get yourself a Virgin Air 2 for 1 coupon on Craigslist. I got mine for 20.00
You must Book by SEPT. !st. Last year we paid 395.00 for 2 round trip tix. Good Luck !

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This close to October, those airfares are probably as good as you will get. Try - they specialize in international airfare. Also will sometimes find one-way airline tickets on two separate airlines for cheaper than round trip with one airline. So maybe fly American going down and United coming back. Or once you know who is flying from your home airport check directly with the airline website to see if they have a better fare. Also, try a package with hotel included.

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Southwest now flys to Cabo with their Airtran Airlines...try them - reasonable price.

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We did a package deal through Expedia, 6 nights at secrets puerto Los Cabos than we go into town and stay 9 nights at the Marina Fiesta right on the marina and a short walk to Cabo Wabo. Both hotels are all inclusive including two non stop round trip tickets from Newark, NJ. We checked all the web sites and and if we took the lowest price we found for both hotels the deal we got is charging about $500.00 total for both round trip tickets. So we are pretty happy with the deal we got. Good luck and see you in Cabo.

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I did neglect to add the state which is Virginia so I am coming from East Coast. thanks for the response on the direct airline as I normally try like you mentioned the travel websites.

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I'm on the West Coast and I went directly through the airline. Non-Stop flight, 542.00 per person. I tried Orbitz, Travelocity, etc and they are a joke. The airfare is higher and they had ridiculous 4-5 hour layovers or multiple stops. Try a direct airline.