October 22, 2010 by RedRocker1963

WE WANT THE BLUE BOTTLE BACK! PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!/pages/Bring-back-the-Blue-Cabo-Wabo-Bottle/377493685152

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Count me in. I still have one of the old school blue bottles (unopened). Don't worry I have plenty of empty ones too!!

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I like the Blue Bottle FB page, you guys post lots of fun videos and stuff, keep it up!!!

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I think if Sammy gave some input on changing the bottle from Blue to clear someone must have held a gun to his head....ha, JK. No, i think we all loved the Blue Bottle much more, it was just much more unique, as well as the flavor inside (which i believe they also changed). This is just another website for all of us to get together and talk and share our "Blue Bottle" stories and pictures, which many have already done. Please feel free to check it out if you have'nt already. Would love for you all to join. I'm hoping to reach 500 by 12/21/2010 which will be the one year anniversary. Currently we're at about 435.
Thanks everyone who's joined and bring others if you can.

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I read the same info on the color change when it happened! Sorry to disagree... but when you have only 20% of 100% you have to go with & agree to the majority holder of 80%! It wasn't a good idea period, we know it, & I believe Sammy did too!
Doug aka "CWG"

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The new uncolored bottle is actually Sammys last input into the cabo wabo tequila he created before he sold his remaining 20% earlier this year. When the uncolored bottle came out Sammy posted a message stating that the new bottle design was created by the same artist VH contracted to bring us the 5150-Balance album covers back in VHs hey day. I didnt like the new bottle then and I dont like it now. But im sure it costs a lot less than the colored bottle with the foil logos. If for nothing more than financial reasons, I dont think Skye is ever goin back to the colored bottles.

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I agree with you! Now that Sammy owns nothing in Cabo Wabo Tequila & has no say, we will probably never see a blue bottle again! So don't beat a dead horse...But keep a look out for Red Rocker Rum & Beer coming out sometime in 2011!! That was one of the rampant rumors going around Cabo this year at the Bash!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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Sometimes on really sucky days at work...when no one is looking (hell sometimes when they are)...I pop out the little cork and give it a sniff.

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I want the old blue bottle AND the old original tequila back!! Things have changed :(

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Thanks 302 boss chick :o) I'm actually the one who created the page and thought maybe if i posted here we'd get more people. I think we do have some true Blue Bottle enthusiasts and die hard Sammy fans too. Thanks for joining and thank you to all who have joined.

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I have 2 unopened in the box and they will stay that way until they bring the blue bottle back...

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Oh yes I am already friends with the Blue Bottle on FB!! They post some great stuff! I even have a blue bottle on my desk at work...empty, unfortunately.