REDHEAD CHALLENGE!!! Helping Sammy to help KIDS!

January 26, 2011 by Redlover
REDHEAD CHALLENGE!!! Helping Sammy to help KIDS!
Sammy and Kari with BIG check for KIDS!

In Sammy's last blog post, he mentioned wanting to do more to help kids this year. Just to get the ball rolling, here's a question for you all...

What could YOU do, *within your own community*, to help Sammy to help kids?
In the 'Blessings In A Backpack' video, he mentioned that he loved the saying, "Think globally, act locally." That's AWESOME!
How can WE REDHEADS help to make that happen in our own areas? Car washes? Bake sales? Walk-a-thons? It would be so cool to try to help Sammy to make this dream a reality! Alone, we can do much, but together we can do MUCH MORE! The basic idea is to get donations for childern's charaties (or even to The Hagar Family Foundation) to be made in Sammy & The Redhead's name, hopefully culminating with the deadline of 10-13-11.

You Redheads are a creative and industrious breed. I know there will be some great ideas! Let the brainstorming begin!

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