"Go There Once Be There Twice" DVD Screening and Wabos Show

November 22, 2010 by Redlover
"Go There Once Be There Twice" DVD Screening and Wabos Show

What a fantastic event this was!

The movie is WAY better than I had anticipated and I sure do hope they can set a release date for it soon!!!
Believe me, THIS is one DVD that I am determined to have!!!! Saw many familiar faces in it and it truly conveyed the entire essence of the whole Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash experience. You can't get any close to being there...than BEING THERE!!!!

And Sammy tricked us! The show was NOT acoustic! Not by a LONG SHOT!!! We were treated to a full on Sammy show with Special Guests Bob Weir and Mickey Hart of The Dead and the show ROCKED us out for a solid hour and a half!!! Pics to follow soon, I gotta work today on only 2 hrs. sleep but it was SO, SOOOOO worth it!!!! I could do this every weekend and never get tired of it! The 142 Throckmorton Theater is such an intimate venue and Sammy threw the best little DVD party ever held!!! THANK YOU SAMMY!!!!!♥

The "Toys for Picks" was also a huge success!! The lobby was overflowing with love for the kids!!!!♥♥ That was too awesome! Redheads once again came through and gave BIG from the heart!!! I hope we will see a total posted soon for how much was actually donated last night. For such a small venus, I know we kicked some a** and the charaties supported will benefit greatly from all of our generosity!


RedLove & Holiday Peace to ALL!!!


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302_Boss_Chick's picture

If I were going to be there I totally would!!

Have an awesome time JA and anyone else going to help out with the cause!!

GT1BT2 = LR2C2

good thing I now speak fluent RedHead, I thought this was like some kind of Algebra problem for a minute....ha!!


Stef ♥