September 20, 2010 by RedFootRocker

Hello Red Rockers,

here is my personal perfect dream gig wish-setlist...

-C U F
-Let Sally drive
-Let me take you there
-Red Voodoo
-Halfway to Memphis
-Would you do it for free
-Who has the right
-Deeper kinda love
-Heavy Metal
-Not for sale
-Sexy little thing (for the "FootFans")
-Sam I am
-Tropic of Capricorn
-Living on a Coastline
-There's only one way to rock
-My kinda girl (for the "FootFans")
-Things've changed
-Mas Tequila
-I can't drive 55

What a fantastic concert ! THX !

The RedFootRocker

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 4  Redhead Comments

locorico1013's picture

Love it! Let's hope he digs into the catalog this year in Cabo and plays more than 75 minute sets!

5150Mike's picture

I have done that many times girl!

302_Boss_Chick's picture

hell Mike I'D collapse if they played this set...what would that be like 3 hours LOL? I mean I'd like Sammy to play his whole dang catalog, but I start sweating after singing three songs in the car on the way to work!! LOL!! It's good exercise you oughta try it sometime...nothing like belting out "Why Can't This Be Love" from behind the wheel at 6:20am. WHOO!!

5150Mike's picture

No Van Halen? what the heck? Sammy would probably collapse if he played this long of set, he would need an intermission.