Sammy & Steven (Get your Buzz on Live)

August 04, 2010 by RedFootRocker

What a huge note to hear about the -Summer Tour- from The Wabos with Aerosmith! Magnificent! Well, there one can become a little envious already (...once again). Shit, Europa is so far away...but I wish all Redheads much fun and always a Tequila in the reach...

By the way...Our Bandproject (its just for fun) called "4CabooZ`" is going forward and we will playing our (very) first gig in November! It`s a exciting time...Our Name is a combination between Cabo (St. Lucas) and a sprayer in Hamburg/Germany called oz. If you have time look under

All the best!
Franky -The RedFootRocker-

P.S. I`m hot for "40 Decades of Red" !!!

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